Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Day

Ray was gone all day today (work stuff), so I planned on doing kitchen work as I can do that with the boys. Well, today started off pretty good. I got the main floor picked up, the cucumbers soaking for pickles. Then the boys and I went outside for awhile (it was gorgeous here this morning!). I got the jars into the dishwasher santizing. So I was doing good. I put Adam down for a nap and Andrew fell asleep so I got some work done. Then Andrew woke up and I fed him, did a little bit of work downstairs. Then I started on pickles with Andrew...and then the day blew up. So turns out I didn't have some things I had to have....well, Adam was asleep so I couldn't go to the store then. So I did a few things, started getting Adam up at 5:30 (normal time), but he was not cooperating. He was not happy, was whiny, etc. Then Andrew got upset (he was getting hungry again). I finally get Adam moreorless up (like an hour later) and start feeding Andrew (so still no store). Luckily Ray got home about then, so after he ate and got settled I could run to the store (he was exhausted, poor guy). I got home, fed myself and Adam and then FINALLY started the pickles. I did get them done though! Andrew is getting a lot of mucus in one eye - we are HOPING it not pink eye.

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