Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Good and Bad of Customer Service

So I have a good story and a bad one. First, we made a big order online this weekend. Well, Ray didn't think it went through so he redid it. They actually CALLED us to tell us we had two orders in and did we really want both (we didn't)! I was so impressed that an Internet order CALLED and confirmed!

Now I like Sears, I really do (I also like Kmart), but their customer service is poor. Their clerks only know their department, which I get on the surface, but on simple questions...come on people try a little! So I had to go look for t-shirts for Mom for Billy (I had saw them, called her to look in Wasilla, Wasilla didn't have them so I had to go back (I would have just done it at the first, but Adam was so done that day). Anyway, I wanted a particular one and they didn't have an XL, so I wanted them to call another store that is close to home and ask if they had it. Should be simple, right? Well, first the guy in tools didn't even want to try to call on a I had to go to men's (which I had avoided as the person in line was obviously doing something weird that would take awhile). They were gone and so up I went. I asked...she did look it up first to see if they had one (which I had checked, but you never know), but then turns out she can't call from the register so she has to go in back to call...I mean, seriously? You can't check online or call another store from the register? Tools can't call a store to ask them to look up a shirt? AGH!!!

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