Sunday, September 26, 2010

Can we stay healthy?

We've had a rough month. The first weeks of school are always hectic for us, but they have been especially bad this year. Add in a new baby and various other things and it makes for a crazy month. But to top it off we've been sick continously! Andrew got over chicken pox and then got pink eye (we aren't sure it really was, but that's what the DR diagnoized it as). We then all got the flu and now I've had eye issues. I'm putting off a DR trip as I'm doing better and I think it will heal on its own and I so DO NOT want to go to the DR again. Last time it took 4 hours! I only went as I felt HORRIBLE and was afraid it was strep...nope, just the flu. So its been a bad month. I am really hoping for a better one coming up! Ray has one more week of work craziness and then he's gone for a week, but hopefully after that we can have some normal!

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