Thursday, September 16, 2010


We have definitely been having some adjustment issues as we get back into the school/work groove. For Adam, he all of sudden has to share parental attention most of the time and is definitely taking time to get used to that. I think once Andrew can really "play," it will help, but right now Adam doesn't really see him as a buddy yet (that will come). He knows who brother is and he's good around him, he just doesn't get him as "fun" yet. Adam has NOT been sleeping well at night. I actually have him in the guest bed tonight and if that works for a day or two we'll buy him a twin bed. He might need a "real" bed. We are all also sick - just virus stuff, not no fun. I went to the doctor's today to make sure it wasn't strep and had to wait there like three hours - AGH! No fun at all. Andrew is pretty much over pink eye, so hopefully we can all get and stay healthy!

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