Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chicken Pox

Yep, seriously - Andrew has the chicken pox. Adam was immunized at age 1, but Andrew (three months today) hasn't been. We weren't sure what it was - we originally thought heat rash as it started where he sweats the most, but it spread over the course of 24 hours and the spots started scabbing, so into the doctor's we went. They actually aren't used to chicken pox much now that kids are being immunized so the doctor had another concur, but they both agreed it was chicken pox. The thing is that Andrew doesn't have any other symptoms - he looks miserable and seems uncomfortable (he has a harder time falling asleep, but he's fine once he's asleep), but no fever or anything like that. One good thing - he's too young to be able to scratch! Ray and I have both had the chicken pox, so hopefully no one else in the household will be miserable.

We think Andrew got this at story hour - that's really the only place where he's around a lot of unknown kids. So he's "quaranteed" for now. Hopefully he'll heal in 2, versus 3, weeks!

Oh, we'll know for sure at a year if he really has the chicken pox (of course, if anything changes now to the worse, we'll go back to the doctor's) - they do a routine blood draw then and can check to see if he has the immunity so they know whether to give him the vaccine or not!

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