Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicken Pox Thoughts

Andrew (knock on wood) seems to be improving - hopefully he'll be in the 2 week, not 3 week group. Kids didn't really change where we went because we didn't go places that kids can't go and we just take them wherever we go. But this chicken pox is getting to us! We can't take Andrew out, so we are all of sudden very "stifled." Its also been hard on Adam - its much harder to take him to the park or the library since Andrew can't go.

I also think its kind of strange that there now is a shot for chicken pox. For me, chicken pox is just part of childhood...but no longer, I guess! The doctors were all a bit confused - they hardly see chicken pox anymore and the doctor actually called in a second opinion! It just seems strange to me.....

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Amy J. said...

I'm surprised the doctors have not been seeing chicken pox with all the parents choosing not to immunize their children.