Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two Playgrounds and Playland!

Adam had a good day - two playgrounds and playland at the Mall! I needed to go to Sam's Club and Home Depot so decided to hit Chapel Hill so I could take Adam to the mall between. We went home, napped and stuff and then we went out to go for a walk to the apartment playground. I took a long-cut home, as the playground isn't very far, through a subdivision (turned out there is a slight incline and with the double stroller with two boys in it...quite the workout!)...well its near the elementary school and went Adam saw the guessed it! "Park, Park!" So we went! Then we went home, ate dinner and then back into our own yard to play some more....a good day! Andrew, who ADORES being outside, was quite happy as well. Seriously, if Andrew is fussy take him outside...he'll immediately get happy!

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