Monday, July 19, 2010

Schedules and Potty Training

I'm a night owl and don't like mornings plus Ray has been teaching/taking late evening classes, so we had Adam on a fairly late schedule to mesh with ours. But then he started getting up earlier and earlier....too early in fact as he was obviously not getting enough sleep. So we had to move his bedtime up and that seems to be working - he's going to sleep earlier, but not getting up any earlier, hence getting more sleep and therefore can have more fun.:)

Potty training really has been going nowhere. With everything going on and his lack of interest we've been very on and off. So we've committed this week to potty training. At this point he obviously knows when he's gone and he can hold it if necessary so he has control. He also has the verbal skills necessary (he always had the understanding skills for our was getting him to verbalize...he's not a talker). So he's ready...we just have to get HIM on board now. He actually thinks he's supposed to go in his diaper! We get him on the potty when he obviously has to go and we keep him there, encouraging, etc. Then we finally let him up as he's not going and fighting us about it. Two minutes later he goes in his diaper! He holds it FOR his diaper. AGHH!! If you ask him, he'll tell you that you go potty in your diaper....we are working on correcting that. This is recent, too, on him saying that. Today we really forced the issue and tonight he actually went while in the tub BUT he told Ray he was going. So a small (if gross) step.

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