Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Taskmaster!

We were going to be lazy yesterday and not do our daily walk...Adam insisted! Today we were just going in the backyard this morning - yep, Adam took off! So I threw stuff together and off we went. No planning and a two month old isn't the best recipe though! We got all the way downtown (yep, that far!), no diaper bags, and we realize its pretty much noon! Adam is hungry and we know when Andrew wakes up he's going to be hungry as well. So we start home, stop for lunch for Adam, doing our best to keep Andrew asleep and then hoof it home. Ray and Andrew go inside to eat and Adam doesn't want to, so he and I stayed out and even go on other short walk as he wanted to go the park! He finally decided to go inside after the park...we'll probably be back out after naptime! He's so going to collapse!

Andrew also then decided to have me change clothes by doing a 902 all over me...that kid is definitely a celebrated pooper! He's going to collapse as well - lots of fresh air and sun!

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