Thursday, July 08, 2010

Not the best week

First, I'm not having a bad day today - it just hasn't gone right. Anyway, Monday was a "holiday," so it seems we've been off all week. My grading was off, so it seemed that was constantly going on. Tuesday was a bad day - something work related so I'm not sharing - but it got better once I got that resolved. Wednesday was fine, but today nothing went right. I woke up with a headache, which is never a good sign. In addition, its been over 90 all week which just sucks! So today I needed to go grocery shopping, but I knew Andrew was half asleep and so wanted him all the way asleep so he wouldn't try to convince me he was hungry half through the store (when he wakes up, he always wants fed, no matter when he ate last). So I thought I'd make a quick trip to the bank to get him asleep. But every idiot was on the road going slow and Andrew never went to sleep...instead Adam, who I didn't want to sleep (as he won't nap if he sleeps for even 5 minutes earlier in the day), did! AGH! Anyway, I get to the store, there are no kiddie carts and I know Adam will wake up crabby and Andrew now probably IS hungry. So I went home, woke Adam up and fed Andrew and then restarted. We got a kiddie cart when we got back, so I figured that meant I made the right decision. Ray had to take Adam on a drive to get him to sleep at all. This evening we did our yard work, despite the heat, so at least we are getting things done.:) Ray also got me a new Nook cord as I can't find our original one....which seriously is bugging me as I'm really careful about things like that! I also ruined some chicken by leaving it out of the freezer...another thing that drives me nuts (wasting food). It has just been a strange's hoping for a good weekend and a break in the weather soon!

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