Friday, July 30, 2010

A Crazy Week

As you can see from the pictures, we fixed the back awning - Dave had Sunday and Monday off so those were our "work" days. The thing is that really was our "weekend," hence it seems we've been behind all week! So anyway, here is a recap!

Dave got here on Sunday and he and Ray started work (first a Home Depot run, of course!). It turned out to be much mroe work taking the old stuff down that anticipated, but they got that done on Sunday. So then Monday was put up the new stuff, but Ray did have to work as he had tests scheduled to give. So he gets home and they go to work. Now I had office hours but held them in the backyard so Adam and Andrew could "help." They actually got finished at a reasonable time, so I had a bright idea - let's try the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland. I'd been wanting to try it for quite awhile now and I figured it would put Dave already an hour into his drive home. BAD IDEA!!! So first we didn't know there was an Indians game. But we got there and it looked busy, but it turned out the dining room was empty, so we got seated right away and all seemed good....not so. We wait, and wait...Andrew poops on me...seriously!....we wait some more. We are very frustrated, the waitress says "soon," Ray finally gets up and says we just want the bill and we are leaving (both kids - minus the pooping - were being awesome, though). This had been an hour and a half! While the food finally goes, it was good, but not like "oh, my gosh, this is the worth the wait..." So the manager comes to was mixed up, etc....well, I say what I'd already said to Dave and Ray earlier - food was fine, but we probably won't be back. So he gave us our meal free in hopes we'll try again! Still not sure, but at least we got a free meal....but I still would have rather gotten the food on time and paid for it!

Now this was a big two days for Adam so he was EXHAUSTED Tuesday. It definitely took him a couple of days to rebound - being a construction worker is hard!

So we've been trying to have a quiet week, but we've had some exciting things going on. First, we paid off Ray's car! Just over a year to do that - we bought it last summer! It was a surprise purchase - we weren't planning to buy a car, but his old one wasn't worth fixing - so it is nice to have it taken care of. Second, Adam is moving up to a toddler bed! We've had it for awhile, but he hasn't been interested. Well on Wednesday, he wanted to get in it and actually stayed this time! It took some work to get him to sleep - we'd leave, he'd get up and we had to pretty much sit by him until he went to sleep. Ray figured out that sitting in the hall worked, so we've been doing that the last two days. He's just using it at nap right now, but we figure once he's comfortable with that, we'll work on sleeping in it at night as well.

The weather really turned great here - cooled off and is just perfect! I hope it stays for awhile as it is so enjoyable!

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