Friday, July 30, 2010

Back Awning

The wooden frame under our back awning was in serious trouble - carpenter bees weren't helping - so Dave came up to help Ray replace it. Because of the poor shape, it turned out to be harder to demolition than put up the new stuff!

This is the old wood - what a mess!
Notice something? The farthest post was actually put in the middle of this last section not the end even though it originaly went at the end. The previous owner was seriously a moron! Anyway, it is now back in place!

My "work" station - I had office hours but needed to be outside so the boys could as well (it would have killed them not to be with the men "working" - even Andrew who believes he should live outside! Our wireless works in our backyard thankfully!
The finished product
Andrew sleeping off all the fun!

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