Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adam's New Sword

Adam enjoying his new light up sword - he's got it done good!

Great and Andrew

Hanging in there....

He was on his booster seat...then he decided to try to grab something off the back of the table...and ended up like this!

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup means POPCORN


We are all doing good. Andrew is slowly learning the idea of night and day. Right now, we have so many people, we are able to take turns and so we are all getting a decent amount of sleep. Mom and Grandma are here until 6/7. Dad gets back on 6/3 (he's driving the motorhome home with Mom and Grandma). His big job is to take Adam to the zoo!

Adam is having a great time now that summer is here - the hose is his new favorite thing! He's outside a good portion of each day and we take Andrew out at least once a day as well. Andrew prefers to "supervise" from his bouncer! Andrew is already trying to move - no mold on that boy!

I'm recovering well - just a few bumps. I'm done breastfeeding - I did make it two weeks, but that's it. We continued to have to supplement, so that was enough for me. For whatever reason, I just don't make enough milk for the boys! I go back to the OB on the 15th - we'll see if they release me for "normal" activity - the stair restrictions are driving me nuts!

Ray was going to be teaching one course this summer, but will be working on another project for work this summer instead. Should be about the same workload. I actually just got another class - one of my schools had a long waiting list on another math class, so I'm teaching the second section. I haven't taught the course before, so I'll be teaching from another teacher's shell - not my favorite thing, but it will work out in a pinch. It isn't that I'd do it any better - I just have my own method/organization. Next week will be crazy as I get the book/shell and see what does have to be changed. But still - a new class is always exciting!

My Yard

We got the yard done over the last two days. My mom and grandma did most of it as I can't yet.

Planting the front pansies - I'd actually done half of this earlier

Mom and Grandma planting the garden
My finished garden
Our "supervisor!"
We got a new storage bin for the backyard - for outdoor toys for Adam!

Adam Enjoying the Yard

Summer is here and Adam is having a blast!
Daddy got a rubber mallet - Adam confiscated it!
Adam's Shades
His new favorite toy!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Andrew was cooperating so I took a bunch!

The Boys Outside

That wagon is full of water

Ray and the "kids"

Adam and Great!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Andrew Wiggling Away!

Okay, so not too exciting, but hey he's wiggling! As you can see, he's trying to go somewhere already!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Boy!

Andrew lost his umbilical cord last night - what a big boy! Now he can take his first bath in the infant tub tonight!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mommy Rocks!

I found this outfit awhile ago and had to get it because I tell Adam "Mommy Rocks" all the time (Ray chimes in with "Mommy's head is full of rocks" - we ignore him!)

First Stroller Ride!

In the stroller
Greatie pushing Andrew


Okay, this was me playing around. Adam started out smaller than just amazes me how much he's grown!
Adam and Andrew's shirts
Same here
Diaper comparsion

First Trip Outside

Andrew's first trip into the yard!
Andrew and Grandma
Daddy cleaning the gutters
Big Brother checking in on Little Brother!
Hanging out!

Sidwalk chalk is fun!

Playing with sidewalk chalk
Hanging out


Camping in our driveway!


Adam and Greatie
Rolling around with Grandpa with the dog that Great and Great-Grandpa found at Cracker Barrel

Big Brother!

Uncle Jason sent Adam a big brother card with this sticker!

The Boys

Mommy and the boys
Daddy and the boys
Ray and Andrew

The Men


Dave made a quick trip down last Sunday to see Andrew. This is actually him and Adam reading.

Adam's Photographic Endeavors

Adam loves the digital camera (and since it is digital, it really doesn't matter) - here are his best shots. He also got a lot of the floor/ceiling and of course, everyone's favorite - people's waists (think about it...I didn't want to actually write it)!

Hospital Pictures

Ray feeding Andrew
Ray feeding Andrew
Jennie and Andrew
The grandkids!
Big brother checking out little brother!

CT pictures

These are pictures my dad took in CT - he drove over while I was in the hospital.
Working on Emily's (my cousin) yard

Wildlife - his favorite picture topic!

Old Picture!

Ray figured out how to get Grandma's pictures off her camera - that's Adam eons ago adn me in my NFLL costume!