Friday, April 30, 2010

Two More Pictures

Adam got this new shirt for Easter from Aunt Maureen - Handy Manny!
I did NOT set this up - he found it while waiting on Wal-Mart to do Site-to-Store and climbed on!


Some of Dad's nature work

Sword Fighting!

Adam has discovered the fun of "sword" fights!

Part II: Setting Up For Andrew

Adam and Ray puttint together the bassinet!

Adam's favorite part - the box!

Finished bassinet

Olga's preferred spot!
Adam checking it out!
I figure if it can stand up to a toddler bouncing around in it, it is strong enough fo an infant!

Hanging Out in the Car

Adam just LOVES to hang out and "drive" the cars. So when we were putting in Andrew's car seats, that's what we let him do the entire time. He loves to press buttons and crawl all over the place. He also is THRILLED whenever we let him sit in our laps as we put away in the car in the garage as he's REALLY driving then (to go the entire 100 feet!). He also knows he needs keys to drive the car and is always trying to convince us to put them in (which we won't do unless he's in our laps, just for general safety as I don't THINK he could get it in gear, but I know better than to assume with him!). Our biggest problem is that he obsessed with Ray's manual gear shift and we don't let him play with that (again, since he'd need the clutch in, I don't think he could do it, but you never know!).

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Andrew's Car Seats

We put in Andrew's car seats on Tuesday. The Vue was easy as Adam was still in an infant seat when we got it. PePe, though, has never had an infant seat - rear facing - and it proved to be much harder to fit in! We actually had to switch Adam's with Andrew's to make it fit because the passenger (usually me) needs less leg room. We got them in though!

Adam in the Leaves

Adam in the Garage

Adam loves to "help" out in the garage! He loves to push around the broom as well check out anything he can find! Sometimes one broom just isn't enough!

Then, of course, we also have to check out boxes - this is the box his slide came in!

Spring in Ohio

Store Annoyances

First, Wal-Mart. In general, I don't like Wal-Mart (I prefer Target), but Wal-Mart offers some great services. I ADORE Site-to-Store. First because it allows me to buy things online and have them shipped to family in AK without paying shipping (worked great with photo gifts for Christmas!). All I do have is have someone there pick it up and deliver/wrap it for me. I also really like their variety of photo gifts and overall I've been pleased with their quality as well (whcih I was worried about the first time I used them). So I recently placed a STS order for something I couldn't find in store and it arrived yesterday. So Adam and I went in to get it. Now while I don't like it, I know why they put the pick up station at the VERY back of the store and in the TOY section - they are hoping you'll buy something else. I don't like it, but I see, marketing wise, why they do it. I also understand why (except at like Christmas) they don't staff it - you have to "call" a clerk. BUT it in inexcuseable, on the part of my store, that it takes 15-20 minutes for someone to just SHOW UP. Given that this is right near the employee backroom - and I could see people constantly coming and going, I know it isn't because they are under-staffed! In addition, it wasn't a "busy" day, which I could testify to since I had to walk through the entire store to get there! Then somone finally shows up....and then two took THREE people to figure out how to use the computer to look up my item and get it. That's ridiculous! This isn't rocket science - there was a bar code on my email and it is all computerized! I assumed it took so long because someone "qualified" was coming - obviously not! I was NOT pleased and they found out so when I filled out their survey.....

I went grocery shopping today and there was a promotion on baby items (which included diapers) that if you spent $30 on certain items, you'd get a $6 coupon for next time. Given that a box of diapers is $20, this is easy to do and so I was happy to do this. My grocery store is into these promotions - buy from these items now and get a coupon for later. The coupons are usually pretty good (a couple of dollars at a time). BUT the promotions are, to my mind, deliberately confusing and misleading. They are hoping you will buy the wrong items and then not get the "reward," and either not realize it or not bother to complain (I always do...I've actually made them take back an entire bag of groceries over this in the past). You always have to buy specific sizes and other words, you have to be a lawyer to figure it out and often they don't have some of the items listed! Now today, first they didn't have the boxed diapers in smaller sizes (I'm trying to stock up a bit for Andrew to avoid having to go out right after he's born) and the only sign was at the END of the aisle (with a small display) rather than WITH the products mentioned. So it took me about 5 trips back and forth to make sure I had the "right" items, but today I did win - I got my coupon without having to complain! But shouldn't be THAT much work! Seriously, I get that they are trying to make money, but try to be HONEST about how you do it!

Our Update

I had two doctor's appointments on Tuesday. Andrew is doing fine and I'm progressing right on schedule. Then I had a dentist appointment as my tooth still felt off from the dental infection, but I also got some good news there - nothing wrong they could find! Gievn all my dental problems, it was a minor miracle to me!

We are working on slowly getting ready for Andrew - car seats and bassinet are set up! Adam is still NOT interested in potty training. He just doesn't seem to care. We are trying to figure out how to get him to at least try when we aren't home as the regular toilets are just too big for him.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Day of Ups and Downs

Today started off pretty well. We actually made it through Mass (between me being very uncomfortable all the time - especially in hard pews! - and a two year old, this is an accomplishment!). The cute thing is that Adam pretty much knows the ORDER of Mass, if not the exact timing. We did the sign of peace (handshaking for you non-Catholics) and then he was ready for Communion, which to him means he gets to get out of the pew and walk up to the front, which he thinks is awesome. He just forgot that little bit in between! We went to lunch, where he did well AND ate well. Then we came home and we were actually in the window of GOOD weather today, so he got to play outside for awhile. Then we put him down for his nap....that did NOT go well, but he finally got to sleep (and he had been obviously tired when we started - laying on the floor with Alex, his stuffed dog and almost asleep there), so we thought all was good. But he woke up suddenly (he usually gets up slowly and talks himself awake) and MAD. Something upset him - probably a bad dream - and he was super Mommy-clingy and whiny. The problem was that I had office hours and I knew I had a student showing up at 7 for help...hence, he couldn't be. So Ray finally put him in the car and took him for a drive (just to get him out of the house) so that I could meet with the student. We had been trying to eat dinner before that, which Adam was NOT intersted in - eating or letting Mommy eat! So Ray and Adam left, I finished dinner quickly and went down to meet with the student....who I was in chat with for almost two hours. Now that's great that he came for the help he needed BUT I have grades due on Tuesday and Ray is gone all day you can see the problem...I was hoping to be productive today and it didn't go well! Adam did come home in a much better mood and even used the potty once. He's now asleep and will hopefully sleep through the night well.

I'm off to see if I can get SOME grading done before I collapse for the night...and I have to be up tomorrow to call the dentist about an appointment as soon as they tooth still feels off and I do NOT want that bad infection pain back, so I'm being pro-active (usually not me on dental/medical stuff), but Monday is a horrible day for Ray (big presentation), so he can't help and finding somewhere to drop Adam off has been problematic (not because people don't want to help, but because it is such short notice). I'm actually still doing okay (knock on wood), so I'm calling first thing to either move the appointment later in the day or until Tuesday, but we were really worried it would be back over the weekend, hence the Monday appointment.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Did Courtesy Services leave with the Baggers?

When I was a kid, every grocery story had baggers AND a cashier and they always offered to help you out to your car. Now, you only get a cashier and have to ask for help. Now normally, I don't need it, but let's face it, I'm very pregnant and certain things (24 packs of water!) are not on my list of things that need to carried! So I have to decide if I should just do it or if it is worth asking for help and then WAITING for it (with a two year old in tow). They will do it, but it is obviously a nuisance. Now last time I bought water, I was also buying several things of pop. I put the pop in my cart, but made them go get the water for me and then help me to the car (the cashier, when I told her why I didn't lift the pop was very helpful) as I wasn't feeling up to it that day. Today, I just said I forgot the water and made them bring it up to the register for me. Then I put it in the car myself, rather than wait on help (as Adam was cranky and hungry). Once I'm home, I just leave the heavy stuff in the car until Ray gets home and he can unload. Now I have to lug an almost 30 pound toddler....but I don't have to lug water! And I don't think I should feel guilty for asking for help, but they way they have it set up now, I do.

Overall, I like my grocery store, minus the usual nuisances (deliberately misleading ads, etc.), but I just think these bigger stores are losing their common courtesies in an effort to cut costs. I don't need help regularly, but I'm sure a lot of people DO and it seems that you have to ask for it, rather than it being offered. I just wish they'd have their cashiers pay a little more attention to who might want/need help.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Super Adam!

Adam still firmly believes he can outrun sleep! So this was him about 15 minutes before tub time (so bed time's start) yesterday - literally running himself in circles in hopes that it would keep him awake!

Sliding with Mickey

Adam got this little Mickey from Aunt Maureen for Easter. Today it had to go sliding with him - you can see Mickey took a ride down the slide!

Quote of the Day

I'm currently reading King, Kaiser, Tsar by Catrine Clay. The book focuses on a more personal look at the three men who led the major nations that ended up in WWI and so far is very interesting. I know the political history, so to read the more personal history is enjoyable. A lot of is based from their letters and diaries. Anyway, this quote cracked me up today (in a good way). This is Sasha (the future Alexander III of Russia) writing to his wife, Minny (Dagmar of Denmark):
I hold you in my arms and I embrace you with all my heart and long fearfully to kiss you again and be with you in nature's costume, like Adam and Eve. (Clay,54)
He was telling her that he wanted her around so they could have sex! First, it is nice that he was writing this to his own wife given this period's many infidelities among this class. This was an arranged marriage (she'd actually been engaged to his brother, who died before they could get married and so he married her) and nice to see love was genuinely there. Second, it just amused me how he phrased it! No one writes like this anymore - what a shame! Writing, with email, just seems to have lost its flair!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Flashlight

That's Ray's big flashlight - Adam has been hauling it around for had to go the sandbox today with him!

Adam's New Slide

Adam and Ray put together Adam's new slide today!

Playing Piano

Adam thinks he's Tom, playing the piano! He does this all over the place - banging away as if on the piano, grandstanding! Sometimes he'll even actually use his keyboard, but he prefers a grander canvas!

Parmesan Pork Roast

This was Sunday's dinner and turned out really well. I like sweet sauces, but we have to find a balance that Ray also likes, and this one satisifed both of us. It was also EASY and relatively CHEAP. Definitely a keeper!

Parmesan Pork Roast
Modified from Simple & Delicious

1 boneless whole pork loin roast (4 lbs) [I only used a 2 lb, trimmed, roast, as we didn't need this much, but I did make all of the sauce because I like sauce]
2/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup honey [as a note, if you spray Pam (cooking spray) on your measuring cup before putting in the honey, it will come out much easier]
3 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp dried basil [yes, TABLESPOONS not TEASPOONS]
2 tbsp minced garlic
2 tbsp olive oil [I just used vegetable oil]
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp cornstarch
1/4 cup cold water

Cut roast in half. Put in a slow cooker. In a small bowl, combine cheese, honey, soy sauce, basil, garlic, oil and salt. Pour over roast. Cover and cook on low for 5 1/2 to 6 hours or until you get a thermometer reading of 160 and meat is tender.

Remove meat to serving platter and keep warm. Skim fat from cooking juices (I actually didn't really bother) and put in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil. Combine cornstarch and water until smooth (never put straight cornstarch into a hot liquid, it will clump!). Gradually stir into pan.

Bring to a boil and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened.

Slice roast and serve with sauce.

Serves 10.

Will I Make My Due Date?

So any bets on when Andrew will arrive? We have it all planned I figure it can't work out that way! Andrew IS a Weber after all! For medical reasons, we are planning a c-section, so we got to choose a date in the last week (5/12), but I just have a feeling I won't make it that far. We were at the OB yesterday and what she said (and no she didn't say anything about delivering early specifically), how I feel plus everyone things the baby has dropped (he's been low to begin with), just makes me think I'm going to be early. Ray and I figure Andrew will pick the most inconvenient when Ray is in a final or presenting to Congress (seriously, next Monday!). I just REALLY hope he can wait until my mother gets here....Dave started his new job (Home Depot!) today, so he really can't ask for time off on the spur of the moment.

Anyway, anyone want to guess? Ray actually thinks Andrew will arrive the Sunday after my parents arrive so that all our plans to deal with finals week are shot! That's the 9th. My parents arrive on Friday, May 7th.

Mom will absolutely die if Andrew arrives before she gets here - last time about killed her (had she been closer, Ray might have killed her...he was thinking about his own mother!) being so far away and nothing going right.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gender Specific Toys

This is a neat article - shows just how fast kids pick up on this stuff! Now Adam adores tools of all forms, but he also loves to cook in the kitchen with me - our kids like to be with us and be like us. They do what we do. Adam is always "reading" our books!

Biking with Daddy

Tub Crayons

I didn't even know they made these until we found them at Target (actually Adam did), but they are pretty neat. They write on the bathroom walls, but just wash off - I think they are just colored soap.

Spring Tulips!

Today's been cold (all weekend really), but as you can see the tulips have bloomed nicely - hopefully they'll make it through this slight cold snap.

Adam's New Haircut


The middle involved much screaming...hence the buzz cut - hopefully this will last awhile!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weird Weather

The weather today has been very up and down. It can go from funny to rainy in like 5 minutes! On the plus window sills have been washed down on the inside!:)

Updated Scrapbooks

I've been working on updating my scrapbook for Adam and starting one for Andrew. I still have have more to do, but here is what is current:


Okay, so I totally get why classes get cancelled from time to time and I have no problem with that. I even understand why they wait until the last minute....but it is still frustrating! The issue for me isn't the class itself being cancelled, but that by the point they cancel it, I've already done the prep work. As you can imagine, with Andrew's arrival, I've been trying desperately to get ahead. So when something I actually had DONE (versus something I didn't) gets pulled, it frustrates me. It's not the policy that bugs me -I totally understand why they don't want to run super small classes (both for the sake of the class and monetary reasons) - it's just that I want the time I spent on prep back to put into something else. Yes, I'm whining a bit. I'm very pregnant I'm allowed!

Potty Time Books

Adam last night had to go get his book before he'd sit on the potty (still no real progress although he did end up pottying last night)....wonder where he learned that from? :)

Adam don't leave hot dogs!

Adam ate one hot dog, asked for another, so I gave it to him, no problem. He eats about 2/3rd of it and asks to get down. As he's eaten plenty, I say yes. He grabs a couple more pieces and departs....comes back in like 2 minutes (I was still any mother knows we eat last!) for a couple more pieces...then the rest of it! He might have been full, but hot dogs can't be left! So he ended up eating two full hot dogs (plus some cheese)!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

WWII Tax Propganda

So this is a WWII propaganda cartoon featuring Donald Duck on the importance of paying your taxes. I'm sharing since its tax day.:) I happen to like propganda films from this era - they amuse me greatly! Adam watched this one with me as he likes Donald Duck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aren't all phones video?

Adam is so used to the webcam now that he thinks the regular phone is like that and tries to show people stuff through it! Just a reminder that he will grow up with technology we didn't even dream of!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Somewhat Better

Knocking on wood, but I seem to be on the mend. I think the antibiotics are kicking infection butt, just like they should be. Definitely less painful today - more of a tenderness today than pain. Defintely an improvement - hope it continues!!

Crazy Eagles

This is a funny one! Can you imagine finding these eagles?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another one....

Okay, so yet again I'm sick and in pain....this time it is a dental infection! Agh! I think what it is I had a filling fall out in January (in HI) that took some time (like almost 2 months, I think) to get fixed (all those insurance mix ups) and this is probably a hold over from then. But it is PAINFUL! If it isn't better in a week (I'm on antibiotics), I have to go see the dentist. I am SO not happy. I'm going to have so much to hold over Andrew's head - I feel like I've been sick all of this pregnancy! I have 24 hours of labor to hold over Adam's! Not that both boys aren't completely worth it, but right now I'm not very happy!

Oh, and my dental insurance? So I noticed when I was in for a check up a week or two ago that we STILL didn't have "real" ID cards. So I email them and then get a message that says this is too complex (huh? I just want a card!) and I have to call them. But then the card shows up in last week's mail....obviously the complaint worked, even if they seemingly ignored it (although it shouldn't have taken a complaint!).

Friday, April 09, 2010

Deconstructed Grilled Cheese

Adam likes all his foods separate. I think he's like those modern chefs that "deconstruct" everything (yes, it is normal for a 2 year old, but I think it is more fun to think about it this way). So today I gave him a grilled cheese and ham for lunch (leftover Easter ham). But being Adam, I knew better than to make a sandwich. So he had a slice of ham, a slice of cheese and a piece of toast (which I put jelly on to sneak in some fruit). He'll sometimes eat a bite of a grilled cheese, but I figured this would be easier to get him to eat. When I make a casserole or something, I just keep some ingredients out, separate, and he usually eats without any problems. But cover it in sauce and he is NOT happy! Me, I love sauce!

UND Retired Nickname

Okay, so UND has been arguing over their nickname (the Fighting Sioux) for what seems like forever. The ND Board of Higher Education had officially retired it for them. Obviously, it won't happen overnight, but it seems to be in the works. While this seems like a "final" decision, it probably won't be - after all then no one (on either side) has anything to complain about. The entire process has been an annoyance in my opinion. I see much more important things UND could be dealing with than this. Anyway, if my vote matters, I think UND should return to the pre-1930 nickname: the Fickertails. I honestly don't care what the nickname is. I don't necessarily see the "discrimination" in the nickname (and no, I'm not Native American, but I also know that UND does offer a great many services (that weren't offered to me as an average "white" person) to Native Americans and, having been to sporting events, has went out of their way to try to be "respectful," which included redoing the logo (having it redone by a Native American artist)), but I also couldn't care less if it went away. Although, let's be honest, if using the Sioux name is offensive, shouldn't Notre Dame be required to quit being the Fighting Irish? Or U of Idaho have to stop being the Vandals?

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Flowers are popping up and trees are budding! We've had a few really warm days (even had the AC running because of me - pregnancy is messing up my internal temperature!). Today was much cooler (rainy) and we are supposed to be pretty cold this weekend. I'm actually hoping for one more freeze - kill off the bugs that are just starting out!


Yes, it was empty to start with - he doesn't need caffeine - he's plenty hyper enough!

37 tries later....

I wanted a picture of Adam in his favorite jammies for my scrapbook...yep, 37 tries to get one!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Computer Issues

We bought a new laptop for me recently and did some upgrades. This SHOULD make things better, right? But, no, we've had no end of problems! First, Windows 7 and Office 2007 (which I'm still boycotting) and evil and I can't find anything on them. Seriously, why does Microsoft hate us? Then, Windows 7 and XP (which my desktop is still running) can't seem to communicate as again Microsoft didn't bother. So we had a lot of problems setting up the printer for the my laptop. Next, my "good" programs won't run on Windows 7 either. Granted they are 15 (or maybe more...) years old, but still, in my mind, that shouldn't matter. Now the newest issue is the fax. I actually do use the fax on my laptop for students. Some of them have fax access through work and it seems that is easier for them than scanning (the best method). Well, we didn't realize that modems are no longer standard on laptops. So I tried to use it and it told me I didn't have a modem to do it. So we bought an external one (which we had to order as no one, not even computer stores, carry them!). It arrives, we install it - still won't work. We even tried my downstairs computer (thinking it was the OS) - no dice. We might have to buy a fax machine. I am SO FRUSTRATED with this process. And we really should reformat both Ray and my desktops, but right now that is so daunting sounding......we are probably going to put Windows 7 on Ray's, but keep XP on my desktop.

I really and truly believe computer makers (hardware and software) are just vindictive......

Pregnancy Update

We are all fine, but I'm in that fun "awkward" stage now. You know, you can't really sleep (God's little irony!), the baby is constantly in some weird position (and both my boys are/were movers!). Adam also dosen't understand why Mommy can't get up and down from the floor so easily now and wants me on the floor with him and then up and moving in 5 seconds on his can't happen! Adam also wanted to go for a long wagon ride today - Mommy only could do a short one. Its not that I didn't want to, but after just a bit, my feet were killing me and pulling the wagon is a lot more work than pushing the stroller.

Anyway, by the amount of movement, Andrew is doing very well. Now I'm just ready for him to be OUT!

I have so much to do before then, though, with the end of the term not motivated!

Monday, April 05, 2010

First Scraped Up Knee

Adam got his first scraped up knee today (he was running in circles outside and fell down). He was quite confused by the band-aid and was not happy that I insisted on cleaning it up (I'm sure it hurt...but I also knew it had to be done). We did get him some kids' band-aids today so that might help a little.

Four Generations

Adam's Easter Meal

We debated on letting Adam stay up for Easter dinner (we ate at like 2:30), but by about 1 it was clear he wouldn't make it - he was hungry and tired. So he got hot dogs and french fries! Honestly, it probably was more thrilled with that than he would have been with ham! Plus he got some sleep so he could get back up and play more before we headed home!

Happy with my auto insurance

I'm seriously not trying to sell you anything, but like everyone else I'm quick to complain and don't always remember to compliment so [it's kind of like prayer - most of us are quick to pray when we want something and often forget to to do the same when we are thrilled with what God has given us - I've been working on that myself lately...I have plenty to be thankful for and try very hard to remember to start there - it also tends to help your mood - I recommend it!]...I am actually very pleased with my auto insurance at the moment (we use Allstate, but I'm really not trying to convince you of anything here). We had a minor fender bender over Easter (Ray is extremely embarassed over the entire thing), but hey, minor damage, no one hurt (it was in the driveway), so who really cares long term once it all gets fixed. Anyway, so this happened as we were backing out of the driveway for Mass on Saturday night. Ray went right in to tell Brittany (it was her car) what happened, but there wasn't much to be done then, so we went to church. When we got back, Ray was able to fill out the claim completely online (which is nice in itself rather than having to call!) to get it started so that our insurance would pay for the repair (we'll have our car looked at, but we can barely see anything - our Vue is much higher than Brittany's Saturn). So we were pretty pleased that we could at least get the ball moving, but really didn't expect to hear anything until at least Monday. But Allstate called Brittany on Sunday (EASTER SUNDAY, no less) to confirm the claim and set up her appointment to get the car looked at. This meant she got it in today (and since we haven't heard anything, hopefully that went well as well) to get it started - again while it wasn't a big deal, you want to get it dealt with as quickly as possible. They even offered her a rental car if she needs it (the car is drivable, so it just depends on how long her car will be in the shop). When we got home Sunday night, we had a message as well from the claims service and Ray was able to call them back then (24/7 call center) and get his end taken care of. Our insurance will completely cover Brittany's car and if we have anything (as Ray was at fault), we'd just have to pay our deductible, but I have a feeling that if there is anything we want fixed, it will be under that in any case. But I was very happy with the speed and ease of the entire process. I actually just paid our car insurance and, like most of you, I'm sure, often wonder if what I'm paying for is worth it (I know why I have it....doesn't help when I see the bill) - they proved to me that it was.

Anyway, so rather than complaint about my company, I'm just saying "good job!" It is nice to know that they are this easy to deal with on the simple stuff and so that I can feel confident that when if I really need them - a major issue - they will come through for us.

Strong Man Adam!

Look at my power - I can break a stick!

Blowing Bubbles

PaPa Dave got Adam bubbles to try out with his Easter basket, but Adam wasn't so sure about them. Aunt Brittany had much more fun with them.:)

Trying to chase bubbles!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Home Safe

We made it home about a quarter to ten tonight from Dave's. Pretty easy drive, but Adam was awake all of it and with my being so pregnant, it can be pretty uncomfortable at times (Andrew wants his room!). Anyway, we made it safe and sound and I'm looking forward to staying home for a couple of days!

Adam crashed pretty quickly when we did get home - PaPa's is SO much fun! He has been a very busy beaver all weekend, so hopefully he gets a good night sleep. Our cat was glad to see us as well - she likes people around so is normally even happy to see Adam!

Adam in the Oldsmobile

Dave got the Oldsmobile out and took Adam for a drive around the subdvision! Adam LOVES to sit in it and "hang" out (push every button possible!). With the great weather this weekend, Dave started it up for him and took him around the block! No seatbelts and all that, so he wasn't taking him anywhere far, but he's fine standing beside him around the neighborhood! As you can see by the picture above - Adam was playing in it and insisted we get in with him!

Adam Driving the John Deere

Adam's Easter Basket

Adam figuring out his Easter Basket this morning! He was quite thrilled!

Smoky's Easter Ribbon

While we think she was cute, I'm not sure the cat agreed.....

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Laptop Central!

We gave Dave my old laptop for his birthday, so you can see we covered the table in laptops!

Dying Easter Eggs

Adam dyed his first Easter Eggs tonight! He wasn't so sure on the process, but had some fun and really liked the stickers at the end! And, hey, his eggs turned out pretty good!
Putting in his eggs
Mommy used this metal thingie, so I can, too!
Getting out my eggs!
Putting on stickers
My eggs go in here!

Putting my eggs away!

Getting my eggs back out!

Potty Victory!

Adam pooped on his potty! Just a little bit and I had to put him there after nap, but still a good step forward!

Is he playing baseball or golf?

Not quite sure what to do with his bat or baseball?

Working Hard This Morning

Ray and Dave were trimming hedges this morning and so, of course, Adam was out "helping!"

Ray and Dave working
Adam raking
Adam raking

I was TRYING to get him to rake FOR PaPa - he took it the rake to PaPa instead!


Adam's "Third" Hand

Adam has discovered that he has an "extra" hand - his teeth!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Playing Ball

Adam on the John Deere

Adam helping PaPa drive the John Deere!

Adam on his Tricycle

Linda fixed up this tricycle - Adam isn't quite tall enough to pedal properly, but he's trying!