Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heading Home

We are pretty much packed and we head home tomorrow morning absurdly early (we have to be in Anchorage by 6 AM). Wish me luck....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adam's Hair Cut

Doesn't he look older? We gave Adam a haircut last night. Grandma and Great started while I was eating and then we distracted him with french fries while they finished. Messy and still somewhat wiggly, but it work!

Adam and Grandma Tubbie Time!

Grandma ends up taking a bath with Adam! At least she is wet enough to do so! Then she was teaching him to scream with it! I'm sure Daddy will like that one.....

Eating Popcorn with Grandpa and Great-Grandpa

The "boys" were watching a movie and eating popcorn!

Adam's Handiwork

Uncle Billy let Adam play in his truck (he is obsessed with buttons and cars and trucks are full of them!) last night. He was very careful while Adam was in it, but when they went to get out, Billy threw the keys back in without checking the locks....can you guess? Oh, yeah, locked out! And guess where his spare keys were? In the truck already!! So he and Dad spent last night and this morning trying to break in and finally had to call Tony's. Since his truck is under 100,000 miles, he gets free roadside assistance from GMC, so someone came out and got it open in 5 minutes. I guess, you have to use the manual, not the lock switch, when you are locked out.

Adam on his Tricycle

Grandpa showed Adam how to go down the hill on his tricycle since he can't reach the pedals. As a note, according the "safety" instructions, you shouldn't let them go down a hill on it! Adam would roll it and just get right back up - it didn't hurt him at all. It is all plastic, anyway!

Hanging Out on the Lawn

Adam and McDuff

These are Adam and Grandma giving McDuff treats. This morning McDuff let Adam PET him...this is a near miracle!

Adam in Uncle Billy's Mustang

Saturday, July 25, 2009


The bathroom, mostly finished! Ray finished up the last few things this morning except the shelves. The walls aren't even so the shelves didn't fit and we'll have to exchange them, but Ray doesn't want to pick them out without me. Ray said once the adrenaline for doing the job wore off, he got sick - he knew it was coming. Poor baby!
New floor and you can see the new molding and wall color

New vanity and medicine cabinet

Asleep on the Job

Rather than Grandpa getting Adam to sleep, Adam got Grandpa to sleep!

This is comfortable?

Great Grandpa's Shoes!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Play Date with Blake

Blake Parker came over to play yesterday morning. You can see the boys had lots of fun! Adam showed Blake the fun of cooking with Grandpa and playing in the bathroom sink!

Hanging Out in the Living Room

Grandma, Grandpa and Adam in the chair!
Uncle Billy hanging out as well!

Coming Through the Woods

Adam was over playing at Granny's (which is now a pre-school type place) on their lawn toys and then he walked over to Grandma's! We used to always run back and forth in the woods between Grandma's and Great's.

Adam on the Flats

Adam got to go down to the Flats on the Gator. They even took Carl down with them.
This is a great picture of Adam and he looks so big until you see Carl in the background!
Adam and Grandpa
Adam with the mountains behind him!
Grandma, Great, Adam and Carl!
Great, Grandma, Carl and Adam


This eagle was in our yard - Mom was terrified it was going to make off with a baby duckling. As far as we know, it didn't, although it was sure trying!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trip Update

Yesterday was our "at home" to visit day and today we went to see Billy at work and take him out to lunch. That also meant Mom got to show off Adam to all her work buddies. Now we are at Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa's so Adam can nap because Mom has a doctor's appointment. We'll see what is up for the rest of the day after that. Adam was over to play at the little red schoolhouse next door (which was originally my great-grandmother's house) because they have outdoor toys before naptime, but it really isn't that warm here. It actually feels like fall, but it is July. The wind really has a bite to it. Strange weather for this time of year!

Ray is still working on the bathroom - currently it isn't going so well for him, but he just needs some advice (hopefully some people call him back) on how to fix the last few things. He is at the put back stage and the toilet is giving him issues.

Is it the end of time?

Seriously - McDuff and Adam in the same lap! McDuff came up last night and sniffed out Adam in his crib and then tonight got up to be petted by Mom WHILE Adam was in her lap! I never thought it coudl happen.....

Bathroom Progress Report

The floor is in - just a little issue with the two room issue (our house was remodelled (badly) and the bathroom was once part of two rooms. But you can see the walls and flooring are looking nice!

This will so embarass him later.....

Stairs...No Problem!

Adam is getting good at Grandma's stairs - he can navigate them STANDING UP going up easily and now down by holding on to the side!

Adam's Tricycle

Aunt Colleen and Uncle Rod brought this over today - a hand-me-down from their grandkids (the last of Misty's kids just outgrew it). Adam fell instantly in love! He can't reach the pedals to use them, but he loves it anyway!
He can make the handles turn and everything - it is so cool to him! We even ended up bringing it inside for him for awhile!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hanging Out with the Relatives

We had a bunch of relatives down to see Adam today. This is Adam and his cousin Jenna. Adam did really well and overall it was a good day.

Four Generations Started Here...

This is the cabin where Grandma and Grandpa honeymooned in 1952 - now there are four generations standing in front of it!

Adam on the John Deere

Great had this little John Deere - just Adam's size! Great-Grandpa was helping him learn to drive it!

Vacuuming with Grandpa

We were cleaning last night (people descending today) and Adam was helping Grandpa vacuum. They were having a blast!

Look at those teeth!

Adam and Grandpa

Grandpa and Adam crash about the same time each night!

Adam Brushing His Teeth

Adam loves to brush his teeth. Grandma has a stool in the bathroom so he can get up to the sink - he's so in love! Even better to him...he can play in the water and brush his teeth!



Here are a few more pictures - I was looking through what my dad took (I got my shutterbug tendencies naturally - my father makes me look like I never take pictures!)

I was looking at this picture...I swear there is a picture of Billy on Pop's lap, looking just like this! I'll have to see if Dad can find it.

Bathroom Progress

Ray has the walls painted (see new color) and part of the flooring in. Our walls aren't straight (a problem we've been having throughout the house), which is making the flooring hard, but Ray is working on it.

The Curse of Competence

Billy told me he put the "Curse of Competence" on Adam! See comic for the joke.:)

Grandpa and Adam on the Computer

Dad's Pond

Dad's pond is full of weeds - duckweed he thinks. Seriously - it looks gross, but it is just weeds. It makes it look almost solid!

The ducks leave trails through it when they paddle!

Adam Giving Blake A Drink

I just love this! Adam decided to help Blake get a drink of water!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Adam and Blake

Adam had a playdate yesterday with Blake Parker (Ben and Chelsea's son - Billy's friends). Blake is about 6 months younger than Adam. Both boys did really well playing together and were so cute! It was such a good experience for Adam, who really isn't around many kids his own age.
My mom reading to both boys
Playing nicely together

Playing nicely

Mom feeding both boys

Being noisy together - what a better bonding experience!
This is a good one of Blake playing!