Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Boring Life

Seriously, we are boring. Yesterday was our anniversary (seven years!) and got a baby-sitter for Adam so we could go to dinner, but ended up working on more video examples for my class first (I had to pick Ray up at Kent anyway). So we did go to dinner, but also did work. Still it was nice just to spent some time with Ray - being able to talk without distraction (not that we really mind the distraction that is Adam). We came home to a happy kid - that's a good baby sitter in my mind! Adam barely noticed me leaving either as Evan took him straight outside - just what he wanted! Evan hadn't been there in awhile, so Adam had a new toolbench and sandbox to show off.

Well, I'm off to work on processing those video examples....boring life interrupts....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Star Trek and Modernity

Okay, so I've been watching the original series Star Trek, which makes me think about how we see the future. The original series was taped in the 1960s and it is amusing to see what they thought modern technology would be like. Their computers are hilarous! I was watching the Botany Bay episode (what Star Trek II is based on) and they were from the 1990s - eugenics wars and creating superhumans. That was thirty years in the future and it is amusing to see where they'd thought we'd be! It also is a very human concept of space - modern sci fi has moved away from that.

Then I got to thinking - does modernity depend on technology? Or is it all about attitude? Star Trek is very forward thinking in the theory of equality. Women, race and ethnicity - Star Trek is really about equality. It is very diverse for the time period. [As a note, Sesame Street is much the same...I swear every person on that entire show is different from every other one!].

So anyway, I was thinking - could you end up with modern attitudes on equality without any advances in technology? If say, we'd never mechanized? Could you have a pre-industrial society with the same attitudes? In theory, yes, even without changes in technology, changes in attitude could happen. But how does technology influence that? One thing that technology has done is created a global society - so we are all working towards the same attitudes and goals (to the point of forcing them on some). Another thing is that increased technology means that base physical issues - strength and size - aren't as important. Modern weapons mean that you don't have to physically stronger than someone else to kill them. Technology is, in fact, an equalizer, but the question is, is it necessary to make the changes in attitudes that create a more modern, more equal, society.

Just rambling....I get to do that at times.....the things us historians think about after watching too much Star Trek!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Drive In and Other Things

We went to the Drive-in theater last night to see Transformers 2 and Star Trek. It was so much fun! They started 45 minutes late and when your start time for the first movie (they do double features) is 9:30 PM, that's an issue. We ended up leaving at 2 AM, halfway through Star Trek, but we had already seen that. Their onion rings were awesome, too! The drive-in aspect is fun and actually really inexpensive for a family night. It is $16 a car and then you can pay $5 to bring in outside food and drink (which we did). Their concession stand wasn't even that expensive as we ended up trying that as well. There were lots of families there and fairly small kids. I think Adam will enjoy it next year (Mo came over and put him to bed and then hung out until we got back - she ended up asleep on our couch by the time we got back). I would say 3/4 of the crowd (and it was huge for Transformers 2 - the other double feature had hardly anyone!) left after the first movie ended. Even with only one movie, the price is still good. We saw Star Trek in the regular theater and paid $9/person - totally ridiculous in my mind. If you figure it, we only paid $8/person for Transformers 2 and we got to see 1/2 of Star Trek again (and could have seen the rest if we wanted to stay out until 3 AM). Anyway, it was a blast. We'll definitely plan on trying it again.

Otherwise, not much to report here - weather has been about 80-90 degrees and we've been working on prep for next year. Adam has been getting up too early (grouchy when he does, so too early for him), but we are working with it. We just need to figure out a solution for him. He's really grown a lot lately, too - getting to be a big boy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hanging Out

On Sunday night, after we got back from Michigan, we were just hanging out and watching a movie (Transformers).
Adam likes popcorn (he tried it first watching hockey)
Adam giving Daddy his Father's Day card

The boys hanging out

Talking on his cell phone

We stopped for dinner on our way home - Adam was playing around and talking on his cell phone - he was so cute!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adam's Race Car

Adam was climbing around in this at the mall, so Ray put some quarters in to start it - Adam wasn't quite sure what to make of it!

Squirting Adam with Water

Whose driving that car?
PaPa squirting Adam with water

Mill Pond

Some nature shots from walking around the mill pond.
Snapping Turtle

Cross Bred-Duck

Ducks and Lily Pads


Dave found this great playground in Brighton and we took Adam to explore it! He was one of the littlest ones there.
Tic-Tac-Toe anyone?
Driving with PaPa

Making Music
Walking the wobbly bridge!

History Student Awards?

This is a cool article - looking at if excellence in academics (like history) was rewarded the same way excellence in athletics is. It depresses me at times that colleges will pay for someone who is a great runner to go to their school, but will not offer a dime to someone with perfect grades and academic awards. Oh, well, the world isn't perfect.....

World War I Vet

A World War I veteran in the UK celebrated his 113th birthday this month. Not many WWI veterans left!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Christine posted this letter and I thought I would as well. Politicans drive me nuts!

Smithsonian Renovation

After reading this article, I think I'm going to hate the new display! I also heard that there are only a few FL dresses out anymore!

Fun game!

Try this states game out!

BJ's score: 86%, 22 miles, 239 seconds
Mine: 86%, 30 miles, 279 secs

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Moose

My father was so excited to see a mama moose and twin calves in his yard, drinking out of the pond.

But he was not pleased to see them eating his garden....by the way, what kind of crazy man annoys a mama moose? Only my father.....

Happy Father's Day!

I hope all the fathers out there had a good Father's Day! We spent the weekend in Michigan with Dave (as all the pictures attest to). We drove up on Friday, stopping in Cleveland to drop off a huge pile of used books and do a little shopping. Linda was out with Dave all weekend and we all had a fun time. We even got in a little euchre while Adam was sleeping. Brian and Brittany had to work most of the time, but hey, can't complain about that right now! Michigan got some big storms on Friday night, but Saturday was gorgeous (as you can see from the pictures as well). We drove home today after brunch at Dave's. Adam (exhausted from playing his heart out at PaPa's) slept most of the way home, so we made good time. We watched Transformers tonight since we have to get ready for Transformers 2 coming out. Adam pretty much crashed! He's ready for a quiet day tomorrow!

Oh, we gave Dave's his father's day presents - remember all those scrapbooking pages I was framing? I sent all the Alaska ones home at Easter (working ahead to avoid mailing them) and Dave finally got his this weekend, on time.:) Ray also got one when we got home. We also got Dave an audio CD for his commute to work. Ray got a picture tie from Adam.:) He likes those over t-shirts because he can wear them to work.

Well, I have to check in with work and then probably hit the hay!

Caitlin's Graduation

The Wojie's youngest, Caitlin, graduated this year and so we went by her graduation party on Saturday. Adam had fun hanging out with everyone!

Drinking Water from a Bottle

Adam loves to drink out our water bottles, but we usually hold it as he dumps most of it. But with this little one (and since it was outside), we let him try himself! He was thrilled!

Adam Looking Off the Porch

Checking out the rest of the yard!

Adam's Ball and Bat

Linda got Adam a bat and a ball. He figured out how to use it - he just wasn't very good at it!

Adam's Wading Pool

PaPa got out his wading pool for Adam! It took Adam a bit to be sure of it, but once he got the hang of it, he had a blast! We ended up putting his shoes on him so he'd know it wasn't bath (and thus bed) time. When we went out the second day, he didn't need the shoes - he'd figured it out!

His swim diapers - I bought mediums (which supposedly go up to 34 lbs), but think I'll take back one of the packs for larges! They worked good though!

His swim trunks - PaPa actually got him these at Easter.

Checking it out while Daddy fills up the pool - Dave hooked up the hose to his facet so the water wouldn't be ice cold.He soon had it figured out - attack the water just like his tubbie!
He also quickly figured out how to get out!
And back in!

Being attacked by Daddy and PaPa

Taking a break on PaPa's lap (soaking PaPa in the process!)
Now some videos of pool time!

Adam in the Oldsmobile

Dave let Adam play around in the front seat of his '55 Oldsmobile! Now here's a steering wheel for him to play with!

Lots of room on the seats for him!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adam in the Vue

Adam loves to get into the Vue and play with all the buttons! Dave was mowing the lawn, so Adam was playing in the Vue to keep him away from the mower.

Ray and Adam then drove the Vue up the driveway a little ways! Adam thought he was really cool!

Dave's Radishes

Adam and Dave picked one of his radishes!

On the John Deere

Adam really enjoyed the John Deere! He did ride on it a little, but he still isn't so sure about the noise. He got a little scared after riding around with Daddy for a bit.

Cat Toys

Adam has a pile of toys here, but what does he like - cat toys! He had Dave, Linda, Ray and I all starting this little toy mouse for him! He will even chase the laser pointer!

Playing Basketball at PaPa's

In the airlock....Out the airlock....

Dave had the door open to the enclosed porch where the hot tub is - Adam (like the cats) enjoyed running in and out!

Out the airlock....

In the airlock....


My parents finally have natural gas!
My parents' old furnace (this is actually when it was new, I think, so 31 years ago!) I've put plenty of wood into this furnace (oil and wood).

The new one! (Gas and wood will be the set up - they aren't giving up wood yet)

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Duds

This is one of Adam's new outfits.

Circling PaPa

Adam likes to run circles around people and things - you can see he was having fun with PaPa!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Surviving Your Third Trimester

One of my friends (Amy, who is in her third) sent me this...hilarous!

Surviving Your Third Trimester
How to sit down in a restaurant
1) Request a table.
2) Receive a booth.
3) Try to slide your enormous bulk into booth.
4) Note with alarm it's the sort of booth where table is bolted down.
5) Lift belly as high as it will go.
6) Inch your way into booth.
7) Release belly, which lands on table with a plop.
8) Rummage beneath belly for silverware and napkin.
9) Place silverware and napkin on belly, and ask waiter to just put your food there too.

How to put on a seat belt
1) Reach blindly beneath your gut, hoping to locate both ends of seat belt.
2) Find one end.
3) Use elbow to push poor, unsuspecting baby to one side while you find other end.
4) Exhale fully and attempt to close belt.
5) No dice.
6) Let out belt until long enough to fit an elephant seal.
7) Close and tighten belt.
8) To avoid repeating, spend day in car.

How to use a public bathroom
1) Attempt to cram self into stall.
2) Repeatedly get stuck between door and toilet.
3) Exit stall.
4) See that handicapped stall is free.
5) Glance around furtively.
6) Conclude that being in third trimester counts as handicap.
7) Dash into handicapped stall.
8) Do your business.
9) Discover toilet-paper dispenser is empty.
10) Shout for help.
11) Blush as person in wheelchair hands you TP under door.

And there are more if you want....made me laugh!

Adam's New PJs

Adam actually had plenty of 24 months clothes (and 2T), but unfortunately most were winter weight. I just can't put the kid in flannel PJs with our weather! So we had to go out and buy him a few things. This is one of his new pair's of PJs - shorts! Those are 2T and fit him great. He's wearing one of the new shorts one pieces today as well.

Playing Baseball

I was showing him how to bit it...he tends to attack it more than hit it, but still cute!


Spring cleaning is done - the house just FEELS so much better. With how crazy last summer was, we didn't do as thorough of job as normal and that was obvious this year. But the house is so nice now! I just love the house after it has been thoroughly cleaned!

We have been ebaying - our version of a yard sale - and have a big pile for the used bookstore and for the Salvation Army. We also have an electronics recyclying pile to drop off as well. While we didn't really get rid of that much, it still always feels good to pare down a little bit.

We put away all Adam's 18 months clothes - he is officially in all 24 month clothes! He was actually in 18 months clothes long enough that he wore out a few things, but most will be useable for the next baby (God willing...although we'll have another even if we have to adopt). His winter coat was in pieces - it made it until we didn't need it anymore though!

Our yard is also in good shape, so we are doing good this summer. We are putting a lot of money into the house and yard - it is a good thing and this is when we have the time to do it. Now that Ray is back teaching (summer school), he is working on prep work for fall. Now that I'm finished with spring cleaning, I'll be starting mine as well. I'm working on new example videos for Math 102 for fall, which will keep me busy.

I'm currently rereading (the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson) so not much to report there. Oh, I made chicken tetrazzini awhile ago - I can officially report now it DOES freeze well. Just thaw it in the fridge and bake normally (might take a little longer).

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The main floor is finished - hopefully I will have the two upstairs rooms finished tomorrow and we will be spring cleaned! The house is looking very nice. We are going Ebay crazy and getting rid of a bunch of stuff while we do it - we try to clean out at least once a year.

Ebay has made some changes recently - while they annoy us (as we were very conscientous already about things like shipping), I think they are good overall as many people were abusing the system. Ebay is trying to force more reasonable shipping, which is a good thing. They are also forcing Paypal use - because they bought it and are trying to double dip. We always were willing to do money orders, etc., but that is no longer an option. I find that a little aggravating, but it won't affect us personally, but I think it will put off some buyers who don't trust electronic payments. Ebay has been getting some competition (like Craig's list) and are trying to change to better serve the community, which is always a good thing. The shipping needed to be fixed - it just means I had to learn the tricks of bulk book lots!

Adam Pictures

Adam helping Mommy clean the dresser!
Checking out the camp chair in back!

Yard Work

We also put down the last big area of grass seed - we bought a yard of dirt to fill in the area first.
We also bricked in the other side since we had the sidewalk leveled.