Monday, April 27, 2009

Kelsey's baptism

My cousin Kelsey was baptized over Easter - here she is with Grandpa. Congrats, Kelsey!

4 Generation Pictures

Our 4 generation pitures. We made shirts up for us with the middle picture. We even did one for Adam!

Adam's Shades...

New Basket

We got a new basket for his blocks (actually now I have his toys in that, and his blocks in the old toy one...although I plan to rearrange again here soon). He loved the new basket as something to ride around in!

Adam's New Blocks

Adam got building blocks!

Adam's First Haircut

We gave Adam his first haircut while Mom and Grandma were here. He did NOT enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fairlawn Trip

We went to Fairlawn on the last weekend Mom and Grandma were here.

At Coldstone, eating ice cream - Adam liked the tables!

Playing with Great's sunglasses

Adam's New Chair

Grandma and Great got him this chair - it is outside now but you can see him lounging in it inside.

Yard Work!

Adam helping with yard work!

Adam and the watering can

Watching Daddy mow the lawn

Helping with the shovel


Ray hard at work

Grandma Sucking Face!

Adam and Grandma!


Adam raking and helping around the yard!

Adam's Watering Can

Adam and the watering can!

Yard Work

Adam doing his work with Grandma nad Great!

Stacking Rings with Grandma!

This is actually from before my trip. You can see Adam has gotten quite good with the stacker!

Denver Trip

I'm really behind here. I was in Denver for an online conference. It was really interesting and I learned a ton of good stuff to add/change in my classes. Mom and Grandma were here to watch Adam while Ray was at work (as you can imagine, that was soooo hard on them!). We had great weather the first day in COl, the second was even pretty good, but then it started raining and was snowing by the time we left on Friday. I was two hours late getting out of Denver, but honestly, I'm lucky to have gotten out that night.

One cool place that I got see was this book store called The Tattered Corner - it was so cool! An old, restored building and tons of books. Very neat ambiance! We also even saw protesters at the Capitol building (something about taxes). We also tried some new restaurants - I was good and adventuresome! I tried lamb, mahi mahi and talipa. I also tried this seared tuna thing that was mostly raw. I was not impressed by that! I liked COOKED meat. I also tried a microbrew - again not impressed, but not surprised as I don't like brew. The guys finished my brew for me (we had a coupon each from our hotel, so it was free...hence why I bothered to try it).

I was a bit worried as I had never met by roommate before I got there, but she was really cool. She has a young son (he's 4) as well. I really had only met Dan and Doug, and only briefly, so it was a lot of fun to get to meet the people I work with all the time! So all around a great time, but its definitely taken time to catch up.
The protestors at the Capitol

Yosemite Sam and a Native American facing off sculpture
Quite clear this is a BOY bison...

This is the public library
That funny looking building is the art musuem. We went there - there was an exhibit on 60-70s art - pyschodelic - and posters. It was something I would have never seen on my own, so a good experience.

The big blue ribbon on top of the Capitol confused us until we saw this sign - child abuse prevention month.
You can see more pictures from our tech guy here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conference Update

I'm still in Denver at my online conference (CiTE). We've had very bad Internet - ridiculous for an online conference, huh? They picked a hotel with in room wireless! Anyway, so Internet has been hit and miss. I'm going home tomorrow - more then as my battery is dying!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Off to Denver

I leave tomorrow afternoon for Denver for my conference for Lake Region. I'm really excited and I know Mom and Grandma are excited to get Adam to themselves!

Easter Shirt

Adam got a package from Aunt Maureen today. He got new toy balls (already out and being played with) and a new shirt...just like Daddy - as plain as can be!

Grandma Feeding Adam

Easter Cake

Dave's friend, Linda, feeding Adam cake (she made this cake) on Easter. She had to work so wasn't able to get there until late, but we got to see her for a few minutes before we had to leave for home.

Easter Flowers

Dave's daffodils are up!

Easter Pictures

Pictures from Easter at Dave's. He had quite the large gathering!
Adam and his TWO great-grandmas (he actually has three plus one great-grandpa)

Adam got some ham and turkey, too!

He had some orange juice for the first time

Out for a walk

The weather for Easter in Michigan was goregous. This is all of us out for a walk.
Mom was giving up, so Ray offered to carry her!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adam in PaPa's Yard

This is the last of Saturday's pictures. I was loading them and then we had to leave for Easter Vigil Mass so I just got the rest of them up. I'll try to get Easter pictures up tomorrow before I leave for Colorado on Tuesday. We had a great time in Michigan, but we just got back to Ohio (a lot of driving in two days) so its a bit hectic as I have an appointment in the morning for the First Ladies' Library. Once we get back from that, I can work on catching up around here before I leave again!

Adam Playing Ball in PaPa's Yard

More Footage Playing Ball

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adam's Ball in the Yard

We brought out Adam's ball and he had fun in the yard with it!

PaPa's Yard

It was just gorgeous in MI today so we spent some time in the yard. Adam just loved it!

Uncle Brian's Fish Tanks

Uncle Brian's fish tanks just fascinate Adam!

Ride Up

Our drive up to Michigan. We made a few shopping pitstops and got here about 4 PM.

Checking out Grandma's ever-present 7-UP

Adam and Greatie Sleeping!

Adam and Great Out Walking in the Yard

Friday, April 10, 2009

Grandma and Great

Just a few pictures with Grandma and Great. It took Adam about an hour this morning to warm up to them, but then he was all over them. I think some of it was that it was first thing in the morning.