Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alaska Trip

Yesterday was hectic - Adam Drinkhouse's wedding (see pictures below) and my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary (well, great-aunt and uncle technically, but who's counting). Both were pretty much at the same time and we had to hit both.

My 10th class reunion was Friday night and wasn't that exciting. I was hoping to see more people that I hadn't seen at all in 10 years and wanted to know what they were up to. You know, the friends who had completely dropped off the radar...but really no one in that category showed up. But it was a nice dinner and I got to see some friends I don't see that often.

Camo Wedding

Adam Drinkhouse's wedding was camo themed. Really and truly...camo...and the bride was fine with this! The wedding was in the neighbor's field and really was pretty nice. Rain was threathening, but did hold off. See the camo vest and tie? That's Billy, by the way

Teya, the flower girl (Adam D's niece) throwing petals out of a camo hat!

Mom, Dad and Adam went in camo!

Adam's Ride

Adam's ride - my father bungeed this stroller (which is actually the one Billy and I used as kids) to the back of the 6 wheeler to go next door.

Adam Laughing at Grandpa

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adam Eating

Adam eating cereal today - he's slowly figuring out that spoon thing!

Adam Eating

Adam had his first rice cereal (one rice to 5 formula) yesterday. This is today - he actually was swallowing by the end! We took video yesterday, but haven't gotten it off my video camera as of yet, but I have a video from today's from Dad that I'm loading next.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adam and Aunt Andrea

Adam finally got to meet his godmother!

Adam and Grandma Napping

Grandma Reading to Adam

Adam and Grandma's Mantle

Adam's discovered a good use of Grandma's fireplace mantle!

Adam and Great Grandma

Adam Laughing with Grandpa

Adam laughing with Grandpa today!

Adam's First Four Wheeler Ride

Grandpa took Adam on his first four wheeler ride today! Adam enjoyed himself out there! We went to the neighbor's and back and around the yard (this is the Drinkhouse's field....where their Adam's wedding is going to be tomorrow)


We arrived in Alaska late last night. We were about two hours late because President Bush was in Michigan and the departure of Air Force One delayed all flights then there were thunderstorms. But Adam was an absolute angel - slept most of the flight and today we are just working on getting him back on schedule. He is SUCH a good boy, though!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Blog Title

I just changed the name of my Ray told me, mainly what I do is talk about Adam! I do a few other things, but mostly....yeah, I just brag on my little boy!

Adam on all Fours

Adam's working on it! Here is is on all fours - he just can't figure out how to move on his hands and knees yet.

New Toys

We put all the toys on Adam's swing now that he's getting into them.
This is his new favorite toy - it flashes when you touch it

High Chair

We got out Adam's high chair as we are planning to start cereal while I'm in AK, so we'll need this when we return.

My favorite part - it can go in the dishwasher!

Our Room without the Crib

Looks huge to me right now!

Adam's Room

Adams' room is all set up and the boy is actually using it!

This toddler bed was our big garage sale score of last weekend. The city picks up all big items once a year (we got rid of the last our cabinets, some old stuff the lady before us left in the garage, etc.) and it is like big flea market. People actually drive around checking out what's on the curb and picking stuff up! Doesn't bug me - I'd rather they use it then it goes to the landfill. (I also made a big donation to Goodwill today and things I was getting rid of). Anyway, it also is a big garage sale weekend as people try to sell their stuff then put the leftovers on the curb. So we were out walking and checking out the sales (not the least not this year...) and we found this toddler bed in perfect condition, with mattress and sheets (we gave the sheets to Goodwill - they were girl sheets and I'm not big on used sheets) for $45! And our crib sheets fit it! So even though we won't need it for like a year, we bought it!
Our new rug - I wanted a carpet remnant (being cheap), but the carpet store in Ravenna was having a sale and the rugs were only $20 and then caused we paid cash and the guy didn't want to deal with a check or credit card, we got it for $16!

Spring Cleaning

I meant to start spring cleaning a month ago, but well, life has intervened. So I've put it in high gear the last few days and got about 1/2 the house done and will have to finish the other half when I get back from Alaska (I leave tomorrow). I got the two upstairs rooms done, our bedroom, the main bathroom and the kitchen.
I put all Adam's outgrown clothes away...hopefully to get out for a second baby one day!
One of Ray's contributions - cleaning light fixtures
The mess in the living room as I sorted
I got a new swifter wetjet - I LOVE it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Adam Trying to Crawl

Adam has been trying to crawl - just hasn't found the forward button yet!

Adam's Achievements

Adam moved upstairs to his OWN room this weekend! He's such a big boy! Pictures come on the room now. I'm in the midst of spring cleaning and won't get it done before I leave for AK, but I did get the upstairs finished as well some of the main floor.

Adam managed to get his ENTIRE binky into his mouth yesterday...we'll not be letting him have that out of our sight anymore!

Adam is also very close to crawling. He actually has been getting up on all fours now and is rocking, just hasn't figured out the forward button yet. Pictures of this as well to come (and maybe a video if I can catch the stinker!)

Friday, June 20, 2008


Adam Gardening
My few strawberries - the rest the birds got.

War Gaming

Adam and Ray war gaming today

Adam and Ray

Sucking on Ice

We think Adam is starting to teeth so we got out the teething toys - him with the frozen sucker.

Adam and his Binky

Adam eating his binky - this is his newest way of using it. He can put in his mouth himself now and doesn't always get it in right! Plus I think he likes to chew on it!

Adam and the Cat

This is hilarous! Adam just loves Olga!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Yard

Our yard now
We've got strawberries!
Our grass is coming in!

The Visitation

A picture from the visitation at the funeral home

Ray and Adam Playing

Adam and the Wojies

The Weber Men

The guys bathing Adam

Adam and his Aunt Meg

Adam with the new toy that Aunt Meg got him!

Adam and his Aunt Maureen

Making Display Boards

Us girls made these boards for display at the visitation. The guys teased us all night for taking so long, but we wanted them nice - and Pat would have agreed with us!
Me working on it
One of the finished boards (we did a breast cancer one)
Maureen working on them


While in Michigan, we found this foam we've been looking for. Ray wanted it for downstairs so it wouldn't be so hard for Adam on the floor. We haven't been able to find it, but we found it at Sam's in Michigan.
We got a great deal in diapers at Target in Michigan so I brought back a couple of diaper boxes. Can't resist a diaper deal!

Me and Adam


Meg and Colleen found us all matching hats (Brittany as well) with pink ribbons to remind us of Pat.

Colossus of Adam!

That's what I call him - don't think he gets it, but it works for me!

Uncle Brian and Aunt Brittany