Thursday, January 03, 2008


Well, Michigan was a lot of fun over New Year's. We even got a great snowstorm. In other news, the baby seems to doing fine (if kicking me is any indictation). Ray and I both go back to work on the 7th. He has a week before classes start, but mine start on the 7th (yes, I'm teaching this semester). We had a nice break - definitely much needed for Ray.

Olga is fine although she managed to scare herself to half to death while we were gone by jumping up into the top of the closet and knocking over a bunch of stuff (all on the floor when we got home, which is how we knew) and probably herself out of it (she seems physically fine). I thought she was pretty skittish and that explained it when I found it.

Hopefully, all the Christmas decorations will come down tomorrow (after my doctor's appointment - yick!). Well, I think I'm going to sleep!


Christine said...

So you're teaching this semester and you're due in less than 3 weeks?! Wow. How are you going to keep up the class with your little guy? Are you going to work full or part time? How long's your maternity leave? Yay, quiz time over... LOL

Jennie W said...

My classes are all all I really have to do each day is check discussions and then grade stuff. I already told my bosses about the baby issue so they know there will probably be a gap when I actually have the baby. Since I don't actually have to lecture daily, I can pre-plan so much that I should be okay this semester. That's the plan anyway.