Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Week of Classes

The first week of classes is always a little messy. Students in and out of classes, new ones trying to figure everything out....always rather hazy for a bit. Although I want this baby out (he's really getting heavy!), I kind of hope he waits about another week so that my classes are moreorless settled in. That will make it easier on me to catch up after I get back. If they are all stable, they can work on their own without any problems. Ray's classes start tomorrow - he's actually out at the airport for a bunch of start of term meetings tonight while I'm in office hours (so far no one has come).

We have the baby's baptism set up for about March. We did all our paperwork and stuff early so that I don't have to mess with it later. Today was the feast of the baptism of the Lord (when John baptized Jesus in the Jordan) and there were two infant baptisms today, so I've got that on my mind a bit. Most of Father's sermon was really good, but Ray and I were both discussing that he really repeats too much. He's of the school where you need to repeat everything three times so people remember it, but hey, I heard it the FIRST time and so am pretty bored come the second and third! Especially right now because sitting still for a long time makes me hurt, so I start to squirm...seriously, I'm worse than a toddler! This then gets Ray all can see where this is going.

We got a little bit of snow today - hopefully it will stay for the winter now! And I really want MORE!! I do kind of hope that Adam isn't born in a snowstorm, but beyond that....

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