Friday, January 04, 2008


So I took down my Christmas decorations today and put up winter ones. But that's not the interesting story. We were at Wal-Mart in Michigan last week and found a cool ornament storage box for relatively cheap. As I put away my tree decorations, it was great - all mine fit and I didn't need to worry about wrapping anything or boxing up anything. So I was happy. THEN Ray tried to move it downstairs to store it. Well, the thing is made to collapse when not in use...but the bottom also buckles when you move it (there is cardboard in there but it creases in the middle)! Nothing was broken, but I had to redo the entire thing. So I did it. Then I go to move it from the downstairs counter to its storage location (like two whole feet) and it DOES IT AGAIN!!! So this time I put the darned thing where I wanted it and put the ornaments in it there so I didn't have to move it again! Such stupidity on the box maker! We think if we reinforce the cardboard with one large piece next year, it might work better. But anyway, the box looks good and is nice storage, but definitely not made to move!
Oh, doctor's appointment today - all is good.

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Christine said...

yay for all good with the baby.

awesome on putting away decorations, you're a smart lady to get that done before baby comes...

The box... sounds frustrating.