Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Breast Feeding Trials and Tribulations

WARNING: I'm going to vent about breast feeding so if you don't want to hear about it, don't read this post! I'm sure the other mothers will understand though!

I had planned on breast feeding at least for several months - I really hadn't set any timeframe and was just going to go with what worked for Adam and I. BUT life being what it is, breast feeding has NOT been working. My milk finally came in, but I was in constant pain and Adam was obviously still not getting enough, so we were having to supplement anyway. So we decided that we are done with breast feeding and just going with formula after talking to the pediatrician. It'll take Adam a few days to adjust, but now at least he's getting enough to eat and once my milk dries up, I won't be in constant pain. If he was getting enough to eat, I think I could deal with the pain, but knowing it wasn't enough anyway, just made it not worth it to me. Plus I know he got my colostrum, which is really important to him as well as some breast milk. And since we've had to supplement since almost the beginning, he's already got bottles down. I think I was more of a pacifier to him than anything and as much as I love my son, my breasts are not a pacifier! Now I'm not a doctor or anything, but I think my problem stem from my breasts, which only grew a little bit and my nipples barely at all. He was just having to work too hard for not enough food. I definitely got milk in, but I think the issue was getting it out.

Adam was feeling better last night, but this morning he wasn't so hot. I think he just needs a few days to adjust to being on all formula. He threw up all over Ray this morning and took a huge dump (I've never seen that much poop in one diaper!) and was really fussy, but is sleeping now. I hope he sleeps for awhile because I think it'll help all around. When he doesn't feel good, he can't sleep and then gets overtired, but still can't sleep. You can't explain to a newborn that sleep heals.:) He really likes his bouncer, though, and it works good for getting him to relax. The hospital had us keeping his bassinet at an angle after he ate to aid in digestion and the bouncer gives much the same angle and I think that helps him out.

While I wanted to breast feed my baby, I'm looking on the bright side. This way, Ray can help with the nighttime feedings and I'll get a little more sleep (we are taking nighttime shifts). The main thing is that the baby gets enough to eat and is healthy.


Christine said...

aw... I'm sorry it was such a roller coaster Jennie! Sounds weird but cabbage leaves can help dry you up. I hope Adam adjusts to the switch well and that you find a formula that he likes. I always did not like the pacifier thing - they DO do that...!

April said...

I feel your pain... literally! I wanted to breast feed Aiden with all my heart, I thought it was the best. But with all the problems he had early on, he didn't even get to TRY to breast feed until he was a week old, and he just never got how to latch on! For the first week they were feeding him my breast mild through a tube that went directly into his tummy. So I ended up pumping for a month and a half or so and just bottle feeding him breast milk. We kept trying to breast feed, but it was just too frustrating for both of us. When we switched to formula (because, lets face it, pumping hurts LIKE HELL and you have to do it EVERY 4 hours, no matter where you are or who your with) I was really down about it and felt like I gave up too quickly... but then I realized how much I enjoyed not having sore breasts and not having to worry about pumping. Kevin got to enjoy feeding time with Aiden, and transitioning from bottle to sippy cup hasn't been too bad. Sorry my comment is so long, but I truely can relate :) You're a trooper for trying, your heart was in the right place :)