Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Books and Movies

Ray and I finally watched Harry Potter 5 - oh, yes, we are so behind. We REALLY meant to go the movies to see it, but it just never happened. Well, this one was better than 4, but still...they just have to cut too much. These screen writers did better than the last as the movie at least made sense, but still, I was disappointed.

I've been reading a mysteries series featuring and extern nun and I just finished the most recent, False Witness. I really like that the books have a good plot, both for the mystery as well as the spiritual aspects. I really recommend this series if you like mysteries!

Eureka got picked up for a third season - YAH! Sci-Fi finally did something wrong. Still ticked at them for canceling the Dresden Files, which Ray loved. Whenever we like a show, it seems it gets canned. And we get stuck with more terrible reality TV. I REALLY, REALLY hate reality TV. I just checked Bones - no new episodes until April? Will the networks end this stupid strike already? Numb3rs looks likes it will air this week, though, at least.

Oh, Ohio sucks, by the way - it is like 60 degrees here!

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