Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adam Update

Adam is adjusting to the outside world and had a really great day. Mommy even got caught up on her own work today a little bit. He slept really well last night and hopefully will do that again tonight. Daddy and I like it when he gets some sleep.:)

Pat has been here since I had the baby and has been a ton of help and she's going home tomorrow. Then Ray and I have a week and then my parents will be here so we are so blessed to have lots of help from our families. Pat has really helped me to learn to care for a newborn - things like bathing with the umbilical cord still on. Hopefully that will be falling off soon and that will make everything a little easier. I'm getting really good changing diapers - Adam definitely has figured out pooping! We were worried at first he wasn't going enough, but not anymore! It is only the first few days when you actually get excited over things like bowel movements! Ray actually changed the first diaper and didn't realize that newborn's first poop is a big one and went through 3 diapers while Adam kept pooping! He eventually realized to just put one on and let him go for awhile! Adam has already peed or pooped on each one of us, too - typical little boy!

I got my staples out today and so actually feel a lot better about that. They were very annoying as it all started to heal. It'll still take awhile to heal, but it definitely feels like I passed a hurdle with that one. My next appointment isn't for a month - my postpartum appointment and it is nice to know I don't have to go back to the doctor until then! Adam has already has his first peditrician appointment and has to go back on Monday, but his jaundice is definitely fading and he is looking better. I just want to see him start gaining weight now! Hopefully he is done losing - he definitely had some adjustment issues while we were waiting for me to get my milk. We are still supplementing a little and seemed to have found a better mix that is working for him. He's a hungry little guy - takes after his father!


christine said...

I have to say I am loving all these pictures! Makes me want another one... ;-)

It's normal for a baby to lose up to 10% of their body weight after birth, especially if you had IV fluids going during labor. If you can hear him swallowing while he eats don't fret too much. Rose was down to 7#9 (from 7#15) before my milk came in and it started coming in on day 2 after birth.

And all the doc appointments - wow. You must be one tired mom! The "schedule" has been different each time I have had a baby and now we just do what works for us (provided the baby is healthy). I think Rose went in for a check at 1 month after her initial newborn screening.

You also mention he's sleeping well. Seriously??! He's a newborn! LOL how well can they sleep? I guess I never got one of those. LOL

Jennie W said...

Well he was down to like 6#9 as of last check up. I just want to see him start to gain weight, not lose more. I am sick of doctor's though.

As to sleep....depends on the day. He sleeps well through the first part of the night, but then is usually up the other half of the night. He's also had a lot of gas and so hasn't been napping well during the day so he's just fussy a lot of the time.

We'll be talking to the doctor about feeding on Monday...Adam falls alseep feeding, but is hungry 20 minutes later. It is like he wants to feed continually and I just can't do that. I think the problem is that he is having trouble getting enough from me, fast enough. I don't know, though...all I know is I really don't like breastfeeding (even though I know its good for him). It hurts, I'm bleeding and we are still having to supplement or he just plain is hungry around the clock.

Well, I'm done complaining for the moment.