Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kitchen Complete...Moreorless

As I said, not perfect yet, but mostly done and back together...we haven't put anything back in yet.

Finishing Touches

Well, we can't finish the kitchen because my countertops are still not in (I will be writing a scathing review of Home Depot's idea of when to order things after they arrive). So that means no new sink or garbage disposal yet - we are using the old countertops and the old sink for the moment. The dishwasher is in, but not working yet because it is on the same breaker as the garbage disposal.
Mom and me painting (we still have a few patches to do...Dad is still finding things to mud)
Dad putting up my new light fixtures

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Details and Painting

We are getting down to detail work and painting. Mom and I spent today working on painting (after arguing with Wal-mart - we seriously got the ditziest lady on the planet) and Dad did detail work on the kitchen. We have the first coat of primer on most of the kitchen - there were a few spots that Dad hasn't finished the repair work on so we are waiting on those. We are hoping to be able to actually paint tomorrow (the kitchen is just staying white for now). We also painted the bathroom where the shower came out when we moved in...Ray had put up sheetrock and Dad finished the mudding for him and so Mom primed it today. Ray and I will need to strip all the wallpaper in the bathroom and then paint the entire thing, but that is another project.

Mom painting in the bathroom

Finished bathroom

New outlet in the kitchen
Jennie painting in the kitchen
Kitchen primed
Kitchen primed

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kitchen Con't

The kitchen is starting to look like one again!
The appliances back in place (not hooked up except the fridge, but still not in the living room!)
Then we had to bring in the last cabinent, which was an huge pantry one. I think both Ray and I envisioned it smaller than it is, but after three moves, we found a good location for it!

Cabinent in place in the dining room area - you can see our couch next to it.

The rest of the kitchen...we put our small stand where we first thought to put the big one. We are going to put our microwave on it to save me counterspace. Actually, we originally bought this stand for the microwave in our first apartment, so it is just being sent back to original duty!

The final approval - kitty approval! She was in the cabinent, on it (Ray had to drag her off the top as she couldn't get down by herself, but wasn't quite resigned to that fact...our cat isn't not a jumper).


Finished edging in kitchen...oh and my father looked, the hallway is also all hardwood!

Work Continues

Dad doing the edging in the kitchen
Mom removing the last of the wallpaper - we will paint tomorrow (we're waiting on the mud to dry from the patching and whatnot)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Elector Issues

With the 2008 election drawing near, questions of the electoral college are resurfacing again. I blogged about this issue at the APB a few weeks ago. There is also a new article on HNN on this issue.

Right now, almost all the states use the "winner-take-all" method of electoral votes, which can mean confusing results like 2000. There is a proposal up in California to change this - the issue is that this needs to be a national decision to better our voting process and not a partisan way of trying to gerrymander election results.

Flooring in the Kitchen

My father spent today putting in flooring and it is FINISHED and GORGEOUS!!!
Our surprise...Dad peeked into the living room - we have all hardwood under the carpet!! Definitely a future project to pull that up and refinish the hardwood!

Turkey Day

Everyone playing Upwords (Dad won one and I won one)
Dave and Pat hard at work for supper

Pat playing Dress Up

Pat just had to play dress up with the baby clothes so she used a stuffed moose Adam got!

Rocking Chair

My in-laws got us a rocking chair for the baby!

Baby Shower Pictures

Me, Mom and Pat with some gifts
My mother found camo at Cabela's for the baby on the way up to Michigan

Turkey Day Pictures

We had a great Thanksgiving up at Ray's parents. On Friday, the guys headed back to Ohio to work on my kitchen and us girls stayed in Michigan for my baby shower. So first shower pictures, then Thanksgiving pictures and finally kitchen pictures. The shower was after Turkey day, but well, I'm not in order.
Mom and Dad in Michigan

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Cabinets

My baby shower was today (pictures later), but the guys went back to Ohio (we were in Michigan) and put in my cabinets! Aren't they gorgeous?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Cabinets

These aren't installed, but show what they look like.


Dad raking my front lawn

Mom even helping!

Kitchen Remodel - Day 3

Dad pulled out the carpet this morning - so pretty much our kitchen is now completely bare!
The garbage of demolition
My dining room sans carpet - we think the entire house was originally this 8-inch tile.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


While all this was going on, Mom and I also managed to find time to make coleslaw for Thanksgiving. Pat is cooking the rest, but we have our "special" coleslaw.

Kitchen Stuff

Since my kitchen is empty, you can imagine where all my stuff is...this is just part of is also all over the other side of the basement and my bedroom. Kitchen stuff is just so bulky and doesn't pack well!

Kitchen Remodel Con't

The garbage behind the cabinets - disgusting isn't?
The last cabinent (floor anyway - we still have one ceiling cabinet left) going - this was the sink one. I ended up helping Mom with her end.


AT&T here to fix the phone line the delivery truck tore down.

Kitchen Remodel - Day 2

Look at all the flooring layers! Two layers of carpet over a layer of tile, which had a plywood step built under it, which was over the last layer (the original) of 8-inch tile.
Empty kitchen down to the original floor - notice the layers of wallpaper as well


Crankshaft has been doing a hilarous series on and I thought I'd share one of the best ones - you can get the entire series if you check out the link to Crankshaft (11/7 through 11/17).

So my cat!

My Parents

Dad on my laptop
Mom in my bed - she got up to just crawl back in.

Me at over 7 months

Yick, but here you all go

Floor Layers

We also found green vinyl!


Before he pulled the wall out, he had to take the cabinets behind it out. There was once a range there! And really ugly carpet UNDER the current ugly carpet!