Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hostea Killing

Ray went to war with our remaining hosteas can see it wasn't pretty!

New Cloak

This is my new cloak to go with my Sarah Polk costume. Isn't it cool?

Friday, July 27, 2007


So what's new in our lives? Not a lot - baby is doing good. S/he was hiding from the doctor when they were trying to find a heartbeat. Every time they'd find that baby, it'd move. I told Ray, the baby takes after him - being annoying!

Been raining here - we really needed it, so that's good. Mom and Grandma left on Wednesday and I haven't done much since then. I've had a really bad sinus headache, which has really laid me low.

I just finished the newest Nora Roberts (High Noon) and it was pretty good. I have the newest Harry Potter sitting here - I'm really excited to start that! I had Amazon ship it to me, but I haven't started it yet, because Mom and Grandma were here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The previous owner of our house LOVED hosteas, so we have a billion. We are trying to get rid of them and have been giving them away...this is one, now in Dave and Pat's yard. You can see it still has some issue, but hopefully it will recover next year. The lady also didn't take too good care of her hosteas....


Now as a rule I don't mind squirrels, but this one was bugging me because he wanted the bird food, but couldn't get it to it, so would shake it onto the ground. Here's him crawling on top of it. Now I was thinking about having to get a pellet gun or something to get him out this habit, but he decided to play in traffic today and someone killed him for me. I didn't really want that to happen, but at least my problem is solved.


We drove up to see Ray's mother one day while Mom and Grandma were here as well.

The girls playing games

Mom, Pat and Grandma
Pat had a mini twister go through her yard last week! Look at this tree it uprooted. Luckily no one in the area was hurt and there was no damage to the house - just took out a couple of trees!

Mom with the tree

New Lamps

We found these bedside lamps in Berlin. Aren't they cool? They look like candles, but are lamps. I took one without the shade so you could see the detail work on the wood part - it looks like candle wax dripping.

Amish Country

Mom, Grandma and I drove through Amish country last week and stopped to shop in Berlin, which is a really great little down - it has a great Christian bookstore and lots of cutesy stores.

Day 6: Hermitage, PA

Our last stop was Hermitage, PA to see the 444 flags for the Iranian hostages (79-80). They put one up for every day they were held.
This is a newer addition - each black plague has the names of the war dead in this war by month.
After this we went to a candy shop in Sharon (right next door) and then made straight for home as this was on the border.

Day 6: Punxsutawney, PA

On Day 6, we were on our way back to Ohio and drove 80 across PA with a few detours. One was Punxsutawney. Every business on main street seemed to have their own little groundhog statue and there was even a groundhog zoo.
Grandma with the fireman groundhog

Day 5

We left CT after lunch on Day 5 and headed back towards PA. When we hit the border, we drove down through the Poconos. Now we'd done our homework, planning to stay in the area, but we couldn't find any of the hotels and there were no signs anywhere! Anyway, we ended up in Stroudsberg for the night because we couldn't find anything! We did see some deer though!

Now by this point, I'd managed to fill up both my digital camera cards, so we had to buy a throwaway camera! We tried to buy a new card, but my camera would have needed a firmware update...which means a cord, which I, of course, didn't have. So I asked at help...then I asked at Best Buy - I figured their Geek Squad could do it...nope, they don't "do" what's their use? When you are on a trip, those are the services you need not laptop fixing! Idiots!!!

Day 4: Connecticut

Sue's house from up the hill
We got into CT for dinner on Day 3 and then there was a big shindig on Day 4 so we could see everyone and as a surprise party for Auntie Sue (whose real age will remain a mystery...she swears she just turned 40 and is actually 10 years younger than my father...her proof? I've been married longer than either of her sons (one just got married and the other isn't married) and am going to to make my father a grandpa, while she doesn't have any grandkids yet). Anyway, some pictures from the day.
Gram in the kitchen in her apartment

Sue's house up close

Grandma, Gram and Mom out back

Emily, Stefanie, Grandma (Mom in corner) on Sue's front porch

Mom feeding the ducks in the pond (they are domesticated ducks)

Sue with her birthday glass (Em and Stef gave it to her)

Day 3

After Gettysburg, we decided to make CT as quickly as possible, so set out in the morning to get NY behind us. But we did have to stop first so Mom and Grandma could mail home some of their purchases!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 2, Stops 3 and 4

After dinner we went to this huge Boyd's Bears store - see the barn - four stories of Boyd's Bears, it even has a musuem of all their products they've ever done. That Mom, Grandma and Nancy out front.

After that we took Nancy back to her car in Chambersburg (where we'd spent the night before) and then we headed to Hershey, PA. We didn't get there until after dar, so the pictures had to lightened up and aren't the best.

The street lights that are kisses

The cocoa bushes - brown bushes that say Hershey Cocoa.

After Hershey, we headed for our hotel, which we'd reserved ahead of time trying to use Grandma's miles. But the idiot wouldn't let her use them and then the hotel was rotten - 1/2 our lights didn't even work!

MIlitary History Carnival

Just a reminder that I'm hosting the next edition of the Military History Carnival at the APB in mid-August, so please submit articles.

Eisenhower con't

If you want to see more on my Eisenhower tour, check out my post at the APB.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Billy's New Truck

Day 2: Stop 2 - Gettysburg

After we left the Eisenhower farm, we did the auto tour of Gettysburg. You buy a CD and it tells you how fast to drive and where to stop, plus you can stop it at any time if you want to get out and take pictures. It was a two hour tape and it took us about three hours to do, with all the stopping. Now as much as I like statues and monuments, Gettysburg is SO OVERDONE. There is a freaking statue for just about EVERY brigade and maybe every charge!! Its just ridiculous! I was getting sick and tried of them! This is one of them for the Ohio infantry - I think its a competition between the states or something (the "new " war between the states):

The battlefield is mostly fields - as you can see it still is by this farmer in his field as we drove by.
Now there were some really cool monuments, I must admit once you quit looking at all the brigade ones. This is the Eternal Light to Peace or something like that. It was dedicated by FDR on the 75th anniversary of the battle.

This the VA monument. It is Robert E Lee on his horse (Traveller):

One of my favorite places was Little Round Top - this is the view from the top. It has a really cool NY monument you can climb and everything. I think that's Devil's Den you can see.

Day 2, Stop 1 Con't

This is really from the Gettysburg auto tour, but it is of the Eisenhower farm, so it goes between the two I figured. Eisenhower bought the farm because of its proximity to the battlefield.

Our Trip: Day 2, Stop 1

Our first stop on Day 2 was the Eisenhower farm at Gettysburg. I was really excited about this one! You have to take a bus from the Military Visitors Center, but its really easy and I think the tour is really reasonable! The house is almost ALL Eisenhower things because they donated the farm before they died and it was opened right after Mrs. Eisenhower died. (She died in 1979 and it was open by 1980). Eisenhower House

Nancy, Janet, Jennie and Marlene in front of house Back of house - Jennie
View from back of house The farm - see the corn? Local farmers now farm this, but have to grow what the Eisenhowers grew. Heliocopter pad - how Ike got between the farm and White House.

See the little hole - the Secret Service did that to put a camera in!
Summer kitchen for parties and such - pretty cool!
BBQ with summer kitchen - Mom

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Trip: Day 1

Grandma, Mom and I spent the last week doing a big road trip - Connecticut and back. Anyway, I'm just now getting the pictures organized and sorted. So here we 1.

Grandma as we were leaving OH in the rental car. We first met Ray for breakfast.

Now, we were just going to our cousin Nancy's in PA - about 4 took us 8 because we got sidetracked a lot! We decided to take the back way instead of the Turnpike (which we all hate). Since we didn't have guys, we could stop when something looked interesting!

So first stop - the Compass Inn, which is one of the oldest inns and really neat.

Mom and Grandma - the Inn is behind them.

Me in one of the outbuildings - isn't that a huge spinning wheel?

Our next distraction was the Flight 93 Memorial. Its a temporary memorial now, but the design has been selected (big contest) for the final project. Right now its just a big wall of stuff in a field with a little NPS hut. But there were a lot of people there, so its obviously usually busy.

The wall of stuff people leave (after awhile (or weather problems) are removed and permanently stored)

Looking over the fields

Our last distraction - we found an old covered bridge.

Mom and Grandma at the bridge

After this, we finally made it to Breezewood where we ate dinner with Nancy and then all drove to the hotel in Chambersburg in preparation for Day 2 - Gettysburg. That's coming tomorrow...I'm done with pictures for today.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007