Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So what's up in Jennie's life? Crazy stuff, that's what. We've been getting lots of snow...which is great, but means there are lots of stupid people on the roads. Coming back from class last night (in Cleveland) was really bad. I hate driving at night!

I've had lots of "extra" stuff in my schedule that has kept me constantly behind. I just need to CATCH up...I keep trying.

But this week all our shows are back from their holiday hiatuses though! A new Gilmore Girls...a new Bones...and new Numb3rs...life is better. Ray has been watching a new series - Dresden Files. Its not bad at all and Ray is very happy so far.

Classes are crazy...my students don't seem to have the "settle" into them. Maybe its just cause I'm so crazy, but I think it is going to be a long semester between work and classes and my internship.

Life is just one irritation after another this year. I can't wait for summer....


Nicole said...

Poor Jennie.
If it makes her feel any better, Nicole is going to be just outside Detroit from the 9th to the 19th. Get together?

Jennie W said...

Definitely! Email me...or call me this weekend...one or the other. I tried emailing you but got it back....

Anonymous said...

I apologize for intruding on the comments section of your personal blog. I am attempting to get in touch with you or your colleague who works on the American Presidents blog to discuss submitting something for content there. I could not locate a contact email anywhere. Please email me at janderson@fsbassociates.com.

Jeffery Anderson

nicole said...

my email is nalicehillstrom@yahoo.com
the gci one was full of spam...and I forgot to give anybody my new address. Sorry.