Monday, January 15, 2007

Update on Me

We been home a lot this vacation, but also gone a lot. It seems that I spend more time unpacking and catching up than anything! Classes at Kent State start tomorrow and I'm trying to make sure everything in order before they start. I'm working on the last of my laundry and just need to balance my checkbook. Icky.

The classes I'm teaching started last week so of course I now have papers to grade. Such fun is my life.

Amazon is driving Ray nuts. He really wants this Star Wars ship game thing. While he ordered but they keep changing the dates on it and he's never yet got it. We canceled the order and tried again through Borders...we'll see if that works. But Borders online is actually run by Amazon. Have you ever noticed the increasing number of conglomerates in the US? Make you think about things like Carnegie Steel and the railroads. Maybe we need another Teddy and Taft....just something to think about. Now they just are owned together, but have different names to confuse us. Same thing, though. But are they really any better than the railroad tycoons?

To top it off, it has been raining here. Actually raining...and it is like 50 JANUARY. This is so wrong! To top it off rain means water on my laundry room floor because Ray can't fix the holes until spring. He needs warm, dry weather. I'm SO sick of rain.

I went to the McKinley Museum yesterday - a little disappointing. It is mainly dinosaurs and space stuff, not historical things. And the history stuff is mainly all Canton, not McKinley. I did get to see where the McKinleys are buried. Pictures up later in the week, I promise. It is a great musuem for kids - just don't go expecting McKinley information!

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