Saturday, January 06, 2007

Toilet Story

We needed a new toilet upstairs - ours liked to flush itself. Anyway, it was supposed to be a 15 minutes job - easy at any rate. So we go out and pick one out, then Ray comes back and starts measuring and fiddling with it. And finds out that it isn't sealed properly. So he pulls out it. To find this:
Not good! Mold, wood root, rust, etc. Icky. So he is going to have to some replacing of the floor boards (luckily the subfloor was fine). So he starts sawing, but then realizes that the water thingie is leaking. So he has to call a plumber to fix that. And one actually comes - shocking, huh? So he goes out to buy the toilet and get plywood for the floor, leaving me to wait for the plumber. The plumber fix it and does some other things to get Ray set up. And so then Ray starts work on replacing the floor:
And after a lot of cutting and measuring, gets it to fit (he did have to go borrow a certain type of saw):
And finally the toilet goes on:
But then he figures out that teh line thingie you can see on the left side is the wrong size. So he has to run to Wal-Mart (because Home Depot is already closed) to get a different one. And finally, comes back and NINE hours later, we have a toilet:
Then of course we had to do a bunch of cleaning to get it to look like that.

The cat was finally happy though - in the door, she is. Doesn't want that door shut ANYMORE, she says! Well, that was Ray' s day - how was yours?


Nicole said...

Only 9 hours? You're very lucky. It took Robert about that much time, but because of our was over the course of a week!

Christine said...

wow... you and Ray did great work! What an unpleasant surprise for you to find under all that stuff. Good for you guys for fixing it up though! Looks great! :)