Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Day

So we had dentist appointments today. I'm not big on the dentist by ours is okay. He's an old Slavic man (strong Slavic accent) and very quick. Anyway, we had to be there by 7, so I told Ray we'd meet there because the place is is Akron. Well, I printed off directions last night...but left them at home. So I get in my car and think, I PRETTY much know where I'm going....I can get there. Not really!

So I'm starting in Canton - which is construction city, and so I end up on a REALLY long detour just to get to the freeway (77 N). I think I'm lost and almost turn around, but finally find it. Okay, so know I know I need 76 W to get the exit I need. So off I go....while I see a sign that says use 277 to get to 76 W. Well, I never take 76 W - I always go 76 E, because I'm going home, so I figure it is right and follow it. And I end up on 76 W....the thing that I don't know is that it dumped me on it WEST of the exit I need. So I'm going to the wrong way. So I figure this out after about 10 miles - I obviously don't need to be in Copley. So I take an exit to turn around, BUT said exit dumps me on 21 N...which has no exits for like 5 miles (and it is a divided highway so no U-turns)! So I finally find a place to turn around and get back on 76 E. And then I find the exit to Kenmore (where my dentist is). Now I know that we usually go a different way, but I know the address, so I figure I can just drive up Kenmore until I find. I had to drive up and down Kenmore like 5 times and just found it by luck because the sign isn't lit in any way. Needless to say I was a little late (actually not to bad because I was originally going to be early). But hey, no cavities! So that's something, I guess.

My internship is going really well, so that's good news. More on that this weekend.

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