Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Dewey Rap

Okay, this is just funny!

The Dewey Rap
By Joan McElfresh

It's the Dewey Rap!
Hit it, Mrs. Mac.


Oh, Oh, Oh to Oh ninety nine.

Please, lend and ear 'cause I'm here to say I can help you find your books in the Dewey way. If it's facts you need, then it's facts you get When you check in our encyclepedia set. Like, who was he: And when was she born? Or, does Iowa really grow that much corn? And the library, how should it be run? And those lists in books about prizes won. It's the Oh, Oh, Ohs. It'll be a snap. Just remember this -- it's the Dewey Rap


One, Oh, Oh to one ninety-nine.

Are you scared of ghosts? What do witches do? Are you feeling good? Are you feeling blue? Is your future here in the palm of you hand? Do the stars on high have you life all planned? It's one, Oh, Oh to one ninety-nine. You're getting it now, folks. You're doing fine. Mr. Dewey said, "It's the place to look When what you want is a Philosophy book


Two, Oh, Oh to two ninety-none.

Better bow your head. Better say amen. It's time to read the "good books" again. we've got the testaments, both the Old and New, And the books of faith for all the others, too. And oh, those gods and goddesses from Greece and Rome! It seems thay often strayed from their mountain home. And they're in two, Oh, Oh to two ninety-nine. Our Religion books could make your halo shine


Three, Oh, Oh to three ninety-nine

The books we come to next, now here's a big surprise. There are so many kinds, you won't believe your eyes. We'be got the government and the romance of trains. We've got all kinds of school where pupils use their brains. We've got the Army, Navy and Marines. We've got the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts wearing greens. We've got those Fairy Tales from both far and near. We've got those holidays that people hold so dear. We've got old Mother Goose and all her Nursery Rhymes. We've got what people wore in other lands and times. They're all in three, Oh, Oh to three ninety-nine. The Social Sciences would need a big, big sign.


Four, Oh, Oh to four ninety-nine.

What is a mountebank? What makes it cordon blue? And does aufweidersen mean I'll be seeing you? Now when I'm leaving Juan, should I say adios? And when I see finis, does it mean that's all folks? The things in four, Oh, Oh to four ninety-nine Are called the Language books as we move down the line.


Five, Oh, Oh to five ninety-nine.

When Mr. Dewey said, "I like the birds and bees. I like to see the moon. I like to feel the breeze. I'll use my telescope to help me see the stars And even planets, too. I think that one is Mars. A storm is coming in. It might be snow or rain. Oh, look! It's over now. Here come the sun again. I'll sit here on this stone and count the butterflies. The Natural Sciences have made my spirits rise. I'll give them five, Oh, Oh to five ninety-nine. I hope the people like this new idea of mine"


Six, Oh, Oh to six ninety-nine.

Then Mr. Dewey said, "I've got a problem here. I've got some science left. What shall I do? Oh, dear! The things that people sew or build or make or cook Go on a different shelf. They are a different book. For people use machines, their eyes, their brains, their hands. Like when they're making glass by melting grains of sand. Or when they heal the sick. Or build an aeroplane. Or farmers grow their crops that need both sun and rain. Yes! I think you'll agree. It cannot be denied. These are the Sciences that you would call Applied. And they're in six, Oh, Oh to six ninety-nine. Yes, that takes care of that. I think it will be fine."


Seven, Oh, Oh to seven ninety-nine.

It's time to take a break from all the work we've done. The Recreation books will help us have some fun. They'll show us how to paint and all the otes to sing. There is a carousel with houses in a ring. They have the rules for games and how to catch a fish. They have the plans to make most any craft you'd wish. They're here to bring us joy. No time to mope or pine. And they're in seven, Oh, Oh to seven ninety-nine.


Eight, Oh, Oh to eight ninety-nine

When words come from the heart, as words from poets do. Like Mr. Langston Hughes and Miss Giovanni, too. When Mr. Whitman wrote about life's joy and pain And Mr. Longfellow brought Hiawatha fame. When William Shakespeare todl about great love and hate, And Mr. Simon showed us that our laughter's great. Or when your teacher needs a play for holidays And every actor claims the world is just a stage, We look in eight, Oh, Oh to eight ninety-nine. We call that Literature. And it's the greatest kind.


Nine, Oh, Oh to nine ninety-nine.

We've really done a lot. We've come a long, long way, But there's another group we need to learn today. And its a big one, too. We'll go both far and wide. We'll stop in Timbuktu. We'll meet Prince Charles's bride. We'll see the pyramids. We'll ride with Paul Revere. We'll meet the pros in sports. They're very popular here. We'll hunt for buffalo with Indians in the West. We'll learn how Doctor King and others stood the test. We'll see where coffee grows. We might meet Juan Valdez. We'll look in atlasses and try to find Inez. We'll sail with Pilgrims brave across a stormy sea. We'll go to Gettysburg with Generals Meade and Lee. We'll see a Hula dance and wear a wreath of flowers. We'll visit abbeys where the monks would pray for hours. We'll ride in caravans across the deserts bare. We'll meet Elizabeth, the queen with gifts so rare. And what to call these groups? Let's start with History- Events from days gone by when life was hard, you see. And next Geography-How people live and where. And then Biography- The folks who bravely dare. They fit in nin, Oh, Oh to nine ninety-nine. And that's the Dewey Rap. His plan was reall fine.

Just do the Dewey Rap as you go home today. And you will learn a lot, but it will seem like play. You've got the secret now. It's like a golden key. And where to find your book is not a mystery. Just stop and think a while. Then you'll know where to look, As Mr. Dewey helps you find your favorite book.

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