Monday, January 15, 2007

5 Things About Me

I was tagged by Michael at The Information Literacy Land of Confusion and decided why not play. This is an activity going round where bloggers give 5 things that people are not likely to know about them.

Let's see, what can I say about myself:

  1. One of my secret reading vices is Nora Roberts. For the most part I read mysteries and Christian fiction, but I have to admit I just adore Nora Roberts. I've outgrown reading most romance authors, but in the past I have even read Danielle Steel...yes, horrible, I know.
  2. Michael admitted to lettering in high school football...I lettered in cross country running and cross country skiing. I also spent a fair bit of my childhood in figure skating lessons. While I never was very good (comparatively speaking), I did manage to start working on doubles before I got distracted by high school. I still love to skate, when I can manage to find time. We'll stand up for athletic librarians!
  3. I have recently become addicted to the game Munchkin. It is a game that makes fun of role playing. Ray loves role playing and I don't like any of that, but I do love it is a game that he actually likes as well.
  4. I wrote my master's thesis on the Christianization of Russia and named my cat after the first royal to be baptized - Olga. My poor cat! My undergraduate honors thesis was on 4 First Ladies: Abigail Adams, Sarah Polk, Julia Grant and Helen Taft. When I get around to it, I'll probably write my doctoral dissertation on teaching history online. After I finish this master's, though, I plan on avoiding school for awhile!
  5. Okay, I'm having trouble thinking of anything good for this last one. So here's a random fact: my grandfather is a volunteer firefighter and I used to ride in the fire truck with him in summer parades to help give out candy when I was little (you know, before they outlawed that because kids looking for candy could get hit in the streets).

Now I get to name 5 other bloggers to try this out (although I must admit most of these people probably already knew most of these facts about me - well, maybe they'll be better at coming up with things to talk about than I was):

  1. Andrea
  2. April
  3. Liz
  4. Nicole
  5. Christine

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