Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stonehenge Misrepresented

This is from Mother Goose & Grimm.

Now I know it is a comic strip and all, but it is ANNOYING. [I actually like this comic strip, but am annoyed with this particular one.]

Stonehenge is NOT some giant sundial! It was never used to tell time!! Besides the fact, that Daylight Savings Time is a modern construct! Heck, time zones are a construct! Historians aren't sure what it was used for...they have a lot of theories of which NONE of them are about telling time!

And what really galls me, is this is the stuff the average person will remember not the lecture I give in History 101!

Anyway, to rectify the problem a little here are some sites to check out:
Encyclopedia Britannia on Stonehenge
Stonehenge Guide

4 comments: said...

Dear Jennie, thank you for the title 'official' for my website. Just to put the matter straight, this is an independent site which I have constructed, but as far as the presentation of pre-history can be, is accurate.
English Heritage are the custodians of Stonehenge and so many of our ancient landmarks. Hence the fence and the entrance charges to pay the wages of the man who takes your money.
My favourite place is Avebury, which also features on the website. Please have a look as this awe-inspiring use of natural landscape, standing stones, barrows, stone avenues and design, which present us, after all this time, with the enduring message that Neolithic Man revered and respected the Earth as a living being. The total circumference of the whole of the Avebury site, according to Michael Dames (The Avebury Cycle; The Silbury Treasure.), whose theories carry very credible argument, is 33 miles. Incredible and equally impressive.
Here is the fairly standard reply I use to respond to the many emails I receive from around the world:(Q. 'When is the best time to see the Sun rise at Stonehenge?' is one of my favourites.) and may help your readers enjoy Stonehenge and Avebury more, if you would all care to visit.
[Dear ?, you need to contact English Heritage,, the custodians of the site.
For special access to the Stones, go to:
The Avebury complex is a must on your itinerary and only a short journey, north, from Stonehenge. There is free, open access to the whole of this huge site. Go to for more information.
There is a "Visitors Forum" on to record your visit or any other comments. Please e-mail if you would like to do this.
Have a good trip. Kind regards, Alan]
Have a look at the Solstice photos and book some time off to visit in June 2007. A great Party, re-inforcing Stonehenge's primary purpose, I think, in bringing people together in peace and harmony.
Lots of love, Alan xx

Jennie W said...

Thanks for your post, Alan! I changed the title of your site to "Stonehenge Guide." I do hope some of my readers go over and read all the wonderful information on your site!

Anonymous said...

hi check out this bloke - robin heath for the ultimate henge theory.

cheers, Bob

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I'm finally running through the posts included in the bad history the cartoon. It's without a doubt "bad history"!