Saturday, October 28, 2006

Screwy Halloween

So what happened to actually trick-or-treating on Halloween? There is a big long list in the Beacon-Journal of what times you can go in each paranoid are we? The kids in our town have to go between 3-5 PM tomorrow....not Tuesday. Halloween as a holiday really seems to be pointless anymore - yes, kids still dress up, but only to go to parties and at special times. No more door to door knocking and enjoyment. I know there are bad people in the world, but the point of Halloween is that it is a fun holiday for kids. It should not be so regimented and picky. A 2 hour window? AGGHHH!!! You even have to make sure you give away the correct kind of candy. If I wanted to give away homemade treats I couldn't - no one would let their kids eat for fear I poisoned it. We used to get homemade snacks from one of my aunts each year - she made up a special baggie of candy for each kid in the family.

Honestly, I have no idea what trick-or-treating was like when I was a kid - we lived in the middle of nowhere and got usually 1 set a year (our neighbors). And my parents would put us in the car and we could go see all the relatives for candy because we only had one neighbor so walking was out of the question.

I am hoping to actually get some trick-or-treaters - we didn't get any last year, but we were in an apartment building. This year we are in a house and there are some kids around us so hopefully they will at least come by.


April said...

I know what ya mean! Trick or Treating was the best when we were little! I was lucky and all of our neighbors gave out candy. Then we'd go to the school for games and stuff like that. Last year we didn't get any trick or treaters in DL either, and the year before when we lived in Married housing at UND I thought for sure the kids from the housing developments would come by, but no one came! Not one little kid :(

Jennie W said...

We got a fair number of kids this year! A lot also passed us by - not sure why, maybe they couldn't tell if we were home. Plus the lady before us was rather scary and according to our next-door neighbor never gave out candy so it will probably take time for us to get over her bad vibes!

We used to get a handful in married student housing - not many, but a few. I remember the signs they gave out to put up if you wanted trick-or-treaters. We didn't get a single one last year, though.

I hope you get some this year though!

Anonymous said...

I share many of your feelings on this.

Anonymous said...

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