Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Security Check

I only have time for a quick story (as its 1 AM and I need sleep). We moved out of our apartment about a month ago and so should have received our deposit back by now. So I call today and find out that they mailed it the beginning of August BUT they mailed it to the first house we looked at...NOT the one we bought. And if I want it reissued they'll have to stop payment...and it'll be another couple of weeks because they never got the check back. So I called the USPS, who wasn't any help. While the manager at our old place told me to try to go find the where it went. So I went out that first house and knocked on the door to ask if they got it...and they actually had AND she gave it me. So I ended up finding my check, but it was NOT fun.

We are off to Connecticut tomorrow for one of my cousin's wedding. My parents got there last night...I'm letting Ray fly us up there...its his reward for going:)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Long Day

Its been a really long day....I didn't get much sleep last night. I was up all night (until like 4 AM) grading papers and then I had class today. Access to library materials or something. Its a reference class. Yesterday was research methods. Why do I have to take research again? Didn't I already prove this with that 150 page paper I wrote for my MA? I have TONS to say about that class. The professor is really old and has been teaching this class FOREVER...I think seriously on the same level as Beringer in Military history...down to the minute. We had to watch this 1970s pysch video on stats....very silly...she also made us BUY our handouts. If we didn't get free printing AND all the other professors didn't give us tons of free handouts, this might not be SO STUPID. Anyway, its going to be a long to bed, I go....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dinner Horrors

This day has NOT been going well. Ray had to go to work and came home grumpy. Dinner was a diaster. So I like trying new recipes...and usually they are pretty good. Today's was a lemon-herb chicken in the crock pot. It sounded good...smelled good...but was terrible! There was SO much lemon...definitely scary! We ended up eating Wendy's at 10 PM at night. Well, I'm going to sleep...and pray tomorrow will be better!

Two last pictures

Ray's new shirt for work...isn't that bright?

Pat on her feet! She's walking again...although slowly and it will take a lot of PT.

Virtual Tour

Did you like my little virtual tour of the house? But it is all done and set up! It is SUCH a good feeling:)

Now classes start tomorrow and my life goes crazy!

New Shelves

We bought two new bookshelves...big surprise huh? This is the one downstairs with Ray's stuff. I put the other one upstairs with the rest.

Guest Bedroom

You are all welcome to visit!

Upstairs Spare Bedroom

Lets go upstairs now!

Laundry Room

This is actually the downstairs kitchen, but since right now there is just a fridge (we have extra drinks in it), its more my laundry room as I'm using that far counter for folding clothes and I have my ironing board set up by it (where you can't see of course!).

Downstairs Bathroom

Ray's Room

Ray's side of the can see that the cat likes his game mat!



Now let's head downstairs!

Master Bedroom

Complete with a cat!


We added the shower and and the new backsplash.

Dining Room and Kitchen

We are planning to redo the kitchen/dining room next fall (Nov 2007). Anyone is welcome to come help!

Living Room

Front and Back of House

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bear Picture

Courtesy of my father's last hunting trip. He wasn't hunting bear though...he'd rather take pictures of those!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

No more Pluto:(

Instead of expanding our list of planets, the International Astronomical Union shrank it by one. Pluto is no longer considered a planet! Now I know logically they did the right thing (I got a lecture from Ray in any case), but blast it - I memorized nine and nine there will always be in my mind! My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine...what? No more pizzas! It's like when AK tried to change Mt. McKinley's name to Denali...who cares if its more historically accurate (this from the history teacher)...I memorized McKinley! So while my kids will always say 8 planets, I'm sticking to nine! I'm making my stand:)

Alaska State Fair

The Fair opens today:( I want to go! I'm going to the Randolph County Fair tomorrow (I'm sitting at a booth for Portage County Right to Life), but it just won't be the same! No huge demolition derby (well, they might, but since my father won't be around to make us go its not the same) pig races....just not the same!

Ohio is big into country fairs...there are like a million of them and they've been going on for more than a month. I'll find out tomorrow if the hype is all worth it. I know a bunch of big country star are coming to a few of them, but it takes a lot to convince to pay for concert tickets.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beds and other earth shaking events

Ray has been complaining about our bed for a couple of years (pretty much since the day we got married) because its only a double. So last move I promised him that when we bought a house, we'd buy a new bed. Of course, THIS he remembers! So we bought a new, bigger, bed when we moved. Given his choice, I'm sure Ray would have bought a California King, but as it was he had to settle for a queen. His excuse was that the cat takes up too much room so we had to get a bigger bed. So we did it.

Well, last week, we are getting into bed and hear a crack and the bed drops! The planks in the bottom of the box spring broke! We had the bed less than a month and we'd been gone a LOT so there was no way this should have happened. I was seriously displeased! So I called the store and complained and they promised me a new box spring (the guy made me call twice as he was busy the first time, but he actually wasn't that whiny about the entire thing). Which they delivered today (they were almost an hour late, but they were actually on time the first time so we can't expect miracles) and hopefully this one won't be a repeat performance!

But, earth shaking events....Ray came home from work sick today. Yes, the boy who will never admit he's sick actually gave in and came home. And then told me he'd been having tunnel vision...yet did the boy call me to come get him? No, he drove home! But he gets home and our bed is in pieces because I'm waiting for the delivery guys, so I had to make up the guest bed for him to nap in (yes, Ray actually took a nap!). First I had to go get him ginger ale (his favorite sick drink) and graham crackers and he had to stay awake because I was waiting on the bed delivery.

My house is pretty much all unpacked and set up! I will pick up the last few things tomorrow and then I promise pictures!

AK Gubernatorial Race

Sarah Palin beat out the incumbent governor (Murkowski) in the primarys and will face off against an ex-governor (Knowles) in November. Why do I care? I don't really except that I actually have met Sarah Palin (who used to be the mayor of Wasilla) and my grandfather has really been into her election. My only goal in Ohio is to make sure that our blasted current governor doesn't get re-elected. He's a crook!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iwo Jima

The photographer who took the famous shot from Iwo Jimo died.

The original shot (from Yahoo! News)

The WW II monument in DC that was built on the image from the photo (also Yahoo! News)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Parties, Parents, and Priests

So what do those three things have in common? My weekend!

Ray's mother (the PARENTS) was in the hospital a few weeks ago and we've been trying to get up to see her. We finally went last weekend (actually we pretty much ran out of options and had to go). Ray's best friend, Adam, was also in a town for some wedding, so it seemed like a good weekend to go - get two things done in one trip.

So we left Saturday afternoon....we had to wait until graduation was over as Ray had to go sit at it for his department. The only good thing is he is actually get some use out of thoe really expensive robes we had to buy for our master's degrees! So he got back, we got out junk together and headed out. We went a new way - it was pretty cool (we are working on avoiding I-80 which is a ridiculously expensive toll road). Ray managed to get us lost in Cleveland, but hey, at least it wasn't my fault for a change! It was the construction that did it - they had the road signs down so he ended up on 271 instead of 480.

We got to MI about 7 and stopped at his parents (who weren't home yet...they went to some cousin's shower) and then headed up to some girl's house where we were supposed to meet Adam. The "some girl" was someone Ray went to high school with - she is supposedly getting married soon (I say supposedly because the fiancee was there and the gossip was there was some big fight) and so Adam wanted to see her and we were going to meet him there (hence the PARTY). Adam was like three hours late and we were there until almost 10 but only got to see Adam for about 15 minutes. Since Ray wasn't that interested in the people at the party, this meant a lot of wasted time for us. The people weren't bad, just no one Ray really had any attachment to.

We got back to his parents at like 10:30 and then played cards for awhile. We went to bed and then got up and went to church Sunday morning. We'd tried to go to church the weekend before when we were in ND, but had screwed up the times (blasted summer schedule) and so had missed it. And Ray's mother likes to go, but hasn't be able to make it much since her surgeries, so it seemed like a good idea. Well, she hadn't been there in awhile and there is a new priest (hence the last part of the title). The priest is seriously one of those fire and brimstone preachers you hear about. Was going on about Satan and how the church members weren't doing their job and email and blogs were the devil's tools because they were anonymous. Seriously, he went on like this for like 30 minutes (oh, yes, he ran over). I quit listening after 5 minutes. I'm pretty good about priests - I tend to take them as they are without much complaint, but this one managed to turn my stomach. He was vicious! And he never talked about the Gospel reading and just was all upset because they were having problems filling the adoration times for Friday and Saturday nights. Had I been a member of that church, I wouldn't have signed up just on princple after his little spat! He was a spoiled brat of a priest and one I NEVER want to see again! I'll definitely be glad to see my own priest this coming weekend!

Well, I'm exhausted (I took Bendadryl for my sinus headache and it makes me sleepy), so I think I'm going to bed.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New and fun recipes

Most of you probably know that I keep a list of my recipes on my homepage. Its the only thing I bother to update it seems. Anyway, some new recipes are up:

Greens Beans: I have two green bean recipes. I was experimenting for Billy and so tried two different ones. I wonder if he ever did? Hmmm...will have to email him.

Potatoes and ham: This is crock pot recipe and pretty good. Very basic, but very filling.

Steak 'n' Fries Salad: Yes, this sounds weird, but its actually very good. Ray picked it out and so I tried it for him and it was excellent! The dressing is nice and sweet and compliments it well. Since you get a little of everything its a filling and complete meal, but pretty easy to make.

So try something new tonight!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pictures: Ray

Yes, I hog-tied the boy and got a few pictures
Ray is his area in the basement with all his little men
Ray mowing the lawn - I snuck up on him!
Ray with Paul's dogs in ND. Those are malumutes - aren't they huge?


This is from a couple of weeks ago, but I had to make cookies in my new kitchen!

First Ladies Library

I've been volunteering at the National First Ladies Library. This is me in costume...its a terrible pictures, but its all I have at the moment.

The 45 people came and made it through, but it was hectic. They were supposed to start at 9:30, but were late and didn't get going until 10 and had to be back on their bus by 11. Which meant we had to get a lot done in very little time! But they all got to see SOMETHING at least and hopefully they all enjoyed it.

House Mess

This is the master bedroom right after we finished moving stuff in. This was one of the first rooms I did mainly because I really wanted to be able to FIND the bed!

Longaberger Factory

When Mom and Grandma were here last month, we went down the Longaberger factory. Mom and Grandma thought it would be cool to see. And the buildings are.

Mom and Grandma - the Homestead
Mom and Me at the Homestead - that's a basket of apples behind us - well, a bit statue of one anyway!

Grandma and Mom - the Home office of Longaberger - their office is a basket!

Grandma and Me - another angle of the home office.


So I'm just a little behind on pictures...and I figured I better get caught up since I hope to have the house done by this weekend, which means I will have a bunch of new ones!

Grandma in the back yard - we even hung up our swinging girl!

New Planets? We need a new mnemonic!

The International Astronomical Union will be voting on August 24th on whether to up the number of planets from 9 to 12. So if they don't what does that mean for Pluto? These "new" planets are all very small, but Pluto isn't any bigger and has a less defined orbit. The more they can see and the more they explore space, they are finding that Pluto really isn't a planet so now are having to redefine everything. Can you de-planetify something? I had heard that Pluto was probably a lost moon, but Ray says its lost from the Kepler belt because it has its own little moon. Astronomers are calling these little planets (Pluto included...look at the name and you'll see why) plutons and dwarf planets. So anyway, something to watch. For more Q&A and facts on plutons and dwarf planets, go here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back Home

Well, we got back from North Dakota last night...or really this morning as it was like 4:30 AM our time...seriously! We got a late start and had a few problems in the Cities and so it was very late by the time we got home...but we just didn't want to stop after Chicago. We were so close...yet so far....but we made it!

We had a lot of fun in ND and got to see many of our friends! Hopefully we will be able to make it back again next year as well. I promise pictures soon....

Now that I'm home I need to finally finish putting the house in order. Just the two rooms upstairs to go - and they are all books.

Tomorrow I'm spending all day at the First Ladies' Library. They have FORTY-FIVE people scheduled for the morning tours so we are splitting it to do two at a time [this is a house that we give tours of so fifteen is usually pushing it]. It will be very hectic! Well, I'm still exhausted from not really getting much sleep last night, so that's all for now.

Cell Phone Update

I got a comment on my cell phone post that made me go back and find my sources, which I put in a comment, but thought I would stick up here as well.

There was just an article in Human Factors [the scholarly journal for the Human Factors and Ergnomics Society] that reported findings on studies of that "when driving conditions and time on task were controlled for, the impairments associated with using a cell phone while driving can be as profound as those associated with driving while drunk." They did testing with both hand-held and hands-free cell phones, finding that both were that distracting. So the American public is wrong again in their opinion that hands-free will solve this problem. So let's just outlaw it! Would you drive drunk? [Hopefully you all said NO!] So don't talk on that darned cell phone and drive!

For a list of current state-by-state restrictions, go here. Most states are outlawing only hand-held cell phones, but as the article shows, this won't solve the problem.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cell Phones
July 31 to August 5

Crankshaft did a run on cell phones in the car that I thought was hilarous! Couldn't resist passing it on. I'm all for making talking on your cell phone and driving illegal. They've proven that its WORSE than drunk why isn't it illegal already?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Digital Literacy

This is one of my biggest pet peeves! Students have no idea how to use the internet! I always spend time in my classes to cover digital literacy. Hopefully I'm making a difference!

Tech Cheating

This is an interesting article about students cheating. I know students cheat all the's just a matter of paying attention. I've used that as well as just google. Students aren't smart about their cheating. I think a more interesting question is why teachers choose not to pursue students who cheat. Lack of time, lack of care, etc. Most teachers just choose to ignore it because it's easiest. Plus its hard to actually charge a student with plagarism because if the student fights it, the teacher always loses it. Maybe we should just blame the administration...

The article asks what the strangest form of cheating. I had a student tell me once that he didn't know the paper was plagraized...he copied it from his if that somehow made it better!

Cave Art
This is funny!

Still Stuck....

Well, I'm still missing ONE exam so we are here until tomorrow. We are planning at the moment to leave as soon as we get mail tomorrow and then stay somewhere along the way. So that's the scoop for the moment.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stuck for a bit

Well, we had hoped to leave for ND tomorrow morning. But students and the postal service being what it is, we are stuck here at least until Tuesday now. I'm waiting for final exams...that I had really hoped would appear yesterday, btu well, they didn't so we have to wait for them. Hopefully tomorrow!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Even more Ohioian...

So today I had to get an Ohio driver's license today:( I had to retake the written test (for the like tenth time...every state makes you retake it...very annoying), but got it all done. Ugh...I so hate dealing with BMV.

I also got my Ohio teaching license in the mail today. That was nice...that was a paperwork NIGHTMARE. A couple of tests, a lot of phone calls....ICK! But I have it so now I am completely certified in both ND and OH. Not like I even use it BUT you never know....and I really like being employed.

Not much else to is getting better and soon I promise! I might even get a few up later tonight...but first, off to balance my checkbook (depressing thought).