Monday, July 31, 2006

Still cleaning....

Well, I'm still cleaning, but am slowly finding floor again. The bedroom and office are mostly together. The kitchen is together (we moved that and set up in the same day so that's been done for awhile). The living/dining rooms are mostly also together. Its getting there slowly. Its just that I unfortunately also have work and school to deal with at the same time! Why can't the world just go away so I can finish cleaning my house? So I spent yesterday writing a 15 page paper. Such fun. On digital preservation...just SO exciting. Then I spent today cleaning and will spend tomorrow editing said 15 page paper. And grading final homework assignments from my math class. Their final is this week...I'm sure they love me about right now as well. Then I get to grade those finals...yippee...that definitely wasn't a big one.

Let's see...I spent most of last weekend in Columbus at a workshop on genealogy in libraries. It was really interesting, just bad timing. I now have the post class assignmetn for that class as well...I really need to return those library books...or renew them....can't forget!

The cat is having fun...she loves climbing in, on and through the new house. Today she was trying to get in the ceiling! Now she's climbing all over my desk. Silly kitty.

Well, I really need to get back to work so have fun everyone!

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