Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some Notes

Historical Hacks - this is hilarous! (maybe more so to me, but still...)

On another note, I finished the book noted earlier. It was great! Definitely will be reading more. Light and funny, perfect summer reading. I even managed to figure out "whodonit" before the end - a major coup for me!


elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Thanks for the link....great post but the comment with it was also pretty good.

On your past post I didn't comment but did decide that must be a 8 track player. One of the first 8 tracks I bought was Van Halen. Cassette tapes had come out but I had a 65 mustang and it had an 8 track in it.

I'm having a little celebration over at my place for my 100th post. Come and particpate with us. Feel free to bring the 8 track (Hubby and I can't bear to part with them)and we'll turn it up loud :).

Jennie W said...

What I can't bear to part with are my records...I still have a huge pile. They were my great-grandmothers and I can't replace half of them so I still have a record player that I use when the mood strikes me...and maybe it just did....