Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jennie's War with the BMV

So you will notice that my car has new plates (yes, I finally had to get Ohio plates). My ND plates would expire July 31st so last week I decided I better get moving on this issue. Ohio requires emissions checks in 7 counties, including mine. I knew this from when we registered the Oldsmobile…so I decided the end of last week to go and get the e-check so that if for some reason the car failed I could get it fixed. So I went to the BMV website and surfed around until I found the list of e-check stations and addresses (Ohio BMV really needs to work on the user-friendly function of their website). So I looked at their map, it looked easy and I knew I had seen a few little signs pointing towards one, so I just copied down the general directions and went off. BIG MISTAKE. So I couldn’t find the street they had used…and I went up and down the street like 4 times. So then I decided just to follow the little signs and turned on Fish Creek. But there was no sign on Fish Creek anywhere to turn again (and since I knew the exact address, I knew I had to turn). So I finally give and head back home to use MapQuest. But then I see another little sign in Kent and I remembered from the map that 43 was on there as well, so I decided to take a chance and try that way. And I was rewarded and finally found the right street…and even a sign when I turned around (I missed the street because it is at a strange angle the first time). So I finally found the right street (and I went out the other way and found that the reason I couldn’t find it off Fish Creek is that Graham BECOMES Fairchild (the street I needed) and there really was no sign)). So I finally get there and get in line, pull up and find out that I can’t get an e-check until I have Ohio registration or a title! Which is why I was there in the first place! So I go to the BMV office in Kent to find out what I’m supposed to do…well, it turns out that I have to change my title first (which I can only do in Ravenna), then go do the e-check and THEN I can get plates. What a mess. And the only thing I can do that day is get the vehicle inspection I need for my title change because the Ravenna office is already closed.

So Monday morning I get up and decide to go change the title. Seems simple enough – I drive to Ravenna and go find the Title Office. Not hard…I get in line and hand them my ND title and vehicle inspection to change over and find that I can’t do it unless Ray is actually present since his name is also on the title. So I have to go back and get Ray (and I was lucky that he was home) and go back to Ravenna and then go back and try again. This time they actually do it and we get an Ohio title for the car. So I finally (after two days of effort) have the FIRST step done. So I’m feeling pretty good and decide to go do the e-check. That went smoothly (I knew where it was now!).

So I have one step left – go the BMV office in Kent and get my new plates. So I decide that I might as well do it. So I go get in and line, hand them my e-check pass sheet and my new title. BUT they won’t do it…why this time? Well, because I don’t have my social security card! I don’t carry it anymore…most agencies are getting away from asking for it and with identity theft and whatnot, I just don't carry it (I have it memorized so what's the point?). So I have to go home and come back and then they finally give me my new plates and registration.

So I won…but it took DAYS. It was VERY frustrating and annoying. I really hate Ohio when it comes to bureaucracy. They are also anal about out-of-state anything…drives me BONKERS! I still haven’t gotten any word about my OH teaching license…we’ll see if that goes through…I had to submit fingerprints to two different agencies to make sure I’m not a child molester or anything. I did tell the Kent office what I thought of their website and process and I emailed from the site…so hopefully they’ll get the picture. I still have to change my driver’s license…but that’s next month’s battle.

Ray's dad changed the plates for me


Christine said...

congrats on the new plates... I know how hard b/d/mvs can be!! sounds pretty typical of the fun hoops you get to jump through. loved the description though!

Liz said...

What a fiasco. I get to do something similar for MN. I gotta take the written test to get a driver's license, and I haven't looked into the whole plates thing. Now I'll investigate a lot before I go out on the "adventure."

Jennie W said...

definitely look into...i think they take perverse pleasure is sending us in circle. I remember 4 different offices each only doing one thing...that wasn't fun either!