Monday, July 17, 2006

House Update

Well, as you can see from my pictures we are officially done painting! The carpet cleaners come today. Then tomorrow we have eye appointments (nothing to do with the house, but does continue on). Then Wednesday the bathroom people come and then our big move day is Saturday so wish us luck!

All are welcome to come over and help move boxes of books! Many of you have in the past...such fun, isn't it?

Mom and Grandma will be here soon so I'm off to try to do some work around here first.


Liz said...

Nice colors! So, how far do you have to move, from apt to house, that is?

April said...

WOW, everything looks GREAT! Its amazing what a little color can do for a room! I like the colors you picked.

Jennie W said...

We are only moving about 10-15 miles. Our big move is Saturday, so think about us then!