Wednesday, July 12, 2006

History Is Elementary Hits 100!

Elementaryhistoryteacher is celebrating her 100th blog at History Is Elementary. In honor of that, she assigned homework...anyway, I was looking around for things that represent 100 and found 100 Ways to Reduce Stress. I thought we could all use it this summer!

Some ideas from the site:
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes: definitely! Thinking about my body NEVER makes me happy
  • Pet a cat or dog: Olga will like this one!
  • Read something: Now here is one after my own heart! Reading always makes me feel better!
  • Buy some crayons and color: Maybe I'll take a coloring book with me my final with me....that always worked for me as an undergrad! I love to color:)
  • Take a walk: Now if I can just get Ray to go with me....

Other notes from me:

My mother and grandmother get here on Friday. I SO want them to get here...they are major house help! Grandma even LIKES to paint. And then packing....can't think about that now....

So I get home today and Ray asks me what's different about the cat. So I stare at Olga...and figure it out. She's missing her collar. Well, not only did she manage to extricate herself from her collar, but we can't find it! She hid it on us! So we are calling her the "Collarless One" for now. We'll have to find it or get another before we start moving...I don't want to risk her escaping during the move without a collar on. The pound once in her life is definitely enough!

Well, I have to go to bed...I'm completely exhausted and there is that final good night everyone!

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