Monday, July 31, 2006

Still cleaning....

Well, I'm still cleaning, but am slowly finding floor again. The bedroom and office are mostly together. The kitchen is together (we moved that and set up in the same day so that's been done for awhile). The living/dining rooms are mostly also together. Its getting there slowly. Its just that I unfortunately also have work and school to deal with at the same time! Why can't the world just go away so I can finish cleaning my house? So I spent yesterday writing a 15 page paper. Such fun. On digital preservation...just SO exciting. Then I spent today cleaning and will spend tomorrow editing said 15 page paper. And grading final homework assignments from my math class. Their final is this week...I'm sure they love me about right now as well. Then I get to grade those finals...yippee...that definitely wasn't a big one.

Let's see...I spent most of last weekend in Columbus at a workshop on genealogy in libraries. It was really interesting, just bad timing. I now have the post class assignmetn for that class as well...I really need to return those library books...or renew them....can't forget!

The cat is having fun...she loves climbing in, on and through the new house. Today she was trying to get in the ceiling! Now she's climbing all over my desk. Silly kitty.

Well, I really need to get back to work so have fun everyone!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


We are sleeping in the house tonight! The kitty is as well. We didn't get everything moved because it started raining on us. We just have the couch, recliner, old bed, and dresser left. Everything else is here. It is definitely a mess here. Well, I'm totally exhausted, but wanted to share the good news.

Monday, July 17, 2006

House Update

Well, as you can see from my pictures we are officially done painting! The carpet cleaners come today. Then tomorrow we have eye appointments (nothing to do with the house, but does continue on). Then Wednesday the bathroom people come and then our big move day is Saturday so wish us luck!

All are welcome to come over and help move boxes of books! Many of you have in the past...such fun, isn't it?

Mom and Grandma will be here soon so I'm off to try to do some work around here first.

After painting

So after painting yesterday we had to have a cards! Mom and Grandma had learned a new games - progressive rummy. Its kind of complicated, but not bad.

Painting Crew

Not a happy member, is he? He was furious at me for taking pictures AND he hates painting...
Grandma working on the trim.
Me and Mom in the bedroom on the trim
Grandma's feet...we got just a little messy?

Ray fixing cracks in the actually didn't rain yesterday and so hopefully it will be dry long enough for the sealer to actually SEAL.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

New windows

We got new vinyl windows for the main floor. A picture from from the exterior and interior of one of them. They are SO nice...they open so easily and they are SO easy to clean. Its wonderful! And with energy costs this year we will definitely appreciate their heating/cooling uses!

More after pictures

A couple of more "after" painting pictures...I had a hard time matching pictures...because of course my pictures are never from the same position!

Master Bedroom: before and after

Upstairs Bedroom: Before and After

Can you see a difference?

Living Room: Before and After

Other new appliances

Our new stove and fridge upstairs.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


We spent all day today painting...we probably have to do another coat tomorrow, but we did get a lot done, thanks to my painting crew who arrived from Alaska last night!

Me and the crew (my mother and grandmother)

Mom and Grandma with my new washer and dryer, which were delivered today! YAH!

Control Freak

You Are 40% Control Freak

You have achieved the perfect balance of control and letting go.
You tend to roll with whatever life brings, but you never get complacent.
I'm just a control freak about my laundry. I got my brand new washer and dryer delivered today!!! And my new stove and fridge! So exciting!

History Carnival XXXV

History Carnival XXXV is now up at Air Pollution. There are some really great entries this time, so take some time to read it!

Friday, July 14, 2006

What color should your eyes be?

Your Eyes Should Be Brown

Your eyes reflect: Depth and wisdom

What's hidden behind your eyes: A tender heart
Well, that works since my eyes ARE brown.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can you pass 8th grade history?

You Passed 8th Grade US History

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!
I was really worried!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

History Is Elementary Hits 100!

Elementaryhistoryteacher is celebrating her 100th blog at History Is Elementary. In honor of that, she assigned homework...anyway, I was looking around for things that represent 100 and found 100 Ways to Reduce Stress. I thought we could all use it this summer!

Some ideas from the site:
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes: definitely! Thinking about my body NEVER makes me happy
  • Pet a cat or dog: Olga will like this one!
  • Read something: Now here is one after my own heart! Reading always makes me feel better!
  • Buy some crayons and color: Maybe I'll take a coloring book with me my final with me....that always worked for me as an undergrad! I love to color:)
  • Take a walk: Now if I can just get Ray to go with me....

Other notes from me:

My mother and grandmother get here on Friday. I SO want them to get here...they are major house help! Grandma even LIKES to paint. And then packing....can't think about that now....

So I get home today and Ray asks me what's different about the cat. So I stare at Olga...and figure it out. She's missing her collar. Well, not only did she manage to extricate herself from her collar, but we can't find it! She hid it on us! So we are calling her the "Collarless One" for now. We'll have to find it or get another before we start moving...I don't want to risk her escaping during the move without a collar on. The pound once in her life is definitely enough!

Well, I have to go to bed...I'm completely exhausted and there is that final good night everyone!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some Notes

Historical Hacks - this is hilarous! (maybe more so to me, but still...)

On another note, I finished the book noted earlier. It was great! Definitely will be reading more. Light and funny, perfect summer reading. I even managed to figure out "whodonit" before the end - a major coup for me!
I’m trying a new mystery series: the Laura Fleming mysteries by Toni L.P. Kelner. They seem pretty funny so far. Laura is a Southerner who became a computer programmer and moved to Boston, where she married an English professor. The mystery isn’t that bad either (I haven't finished it yet, so you never know - a sucky ending always makes me furious). But anyway, this scene from the book really cracked me up and I decided to share it:

“I’m afraid not,” Richard said. “As a doctor, I’ll have to insist that you get some rest. Laura and I are quite capable of delivering a ham.”

Aunt Nora open her mouth as if to protest, shut it again, and then said, “Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind.”

“We’re sure,” I said, as I untied her apron, took it from her, and pushed toward the stairs.

“All right,” she said, “but, Richard, since when does being a doctor of literature give you the say-so to tell people when to go to sleep?”

He drew himself up haughtily. “Madame, men and women of my profession have put thousands of students to sleep over the years. I consider myself admirably qualified.”

She was still chucking as we carried the ham out to the car.

Pg. 94, Down Home Murder by Toni L.P. Kelner

Monday, July 10, 2006

What's this?

So here's a trivia question for everyone - what is this a picture of? I found it in my basement when I was cleaning out the laundry room today.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Which would you like?

That's the question Pat asked me when she finished the first couple of light fixtures and you can see why:

Yes this is a new picture - I took a better one today (7/10). You can really see the difference Pat's handiwork made on this light fixtures. I honestly don't think the previous owner ever cleaned ANYTHING in 17 years. The house is going to be so bright when I get the CLEAN light fixtures back up.

Working on the House

We spent yesterday working on the house with Ray's parents. We got a lot done, but still there is much more to do...never ending it seems!

Ray and Dave cutting dry wall for the bathroom

Ray sanding - that's dust, not my photographic skills doing that

Ray getting ready to nail in the drywall.

Pat cleaning light fixtures

Jennie painting trim

Ray's Life

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Ray volunteered to take this, but then I had to hogtie him to get it posted. I did it, but I had to endure tickle torture for it!

Jennie's Life

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

So I guess my spirit is the lowest? Well, I guess my life isn't that screwed up!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Penny...which leads me to the dollar bill

Yes, I'm on a tear, but I looked all this up for you so I'm not just ranting wildly. I actually happen to KNOW what I'm talking about.

Maybe all those summers at the bank are showing, but this sooo starts me on a tangent. Obsolete, annoying money. The penny (and maybe the nickel) both could probably be discontinued and it wouldn't affect us. Inflation has changed what is "valuable" to the point that most people don't use either of these. Now that doesn't mean I don't personally keep and then roll all my change, including pennies, because I do, but it would save the government a lot of money making those coins!

From the National Mint's homepage, some cost facts from 2004 (from the 2004 Annual Report):
Penny: 0.0093
Nickel: 0.0456
Dime: 0.0314
Quarter: 0.1697
Dollar: 0.2114
As you can see, both the penny and nickel are VERY close to being almost as much to make as the face value. I actually had heard it was more expensive to make them than they were worth, so I'm glad to see that's just an urban myth. But still, do we really need them? Not that I can see.

A US Banknote (so paper money) in 2005 cost 5.7 cents to produce. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) produced 8.6 billion notes. (From the (BEP)'s Money Facts)

Okay, here's my beef with dollar bills. They have almost no lifespan (the average life span is 18 months and some last a LOT less). The average lifespan of a coin is THIRTY YEARS. So why do we print dollar bills? They have to be constantly replaced (the BEP reports that 45% of what it prints are dollar bills). So its actually a waste of governmental money to use the dollar bill - and since no one likes to pay taxes, this seems smart. Now people being the idiots they usually are tended to horde and not use dollar coins when they were produced making them pretty useless. But if the BEP stopped making dollar bills people would have to get used of it and start using them. Another complaint was that vending machines don't make dollar coins, but that's changing as well (look at the vending machine next time you are there, most will take dollar coins now). So there is no VALID reason to have a dollar bill in currency. So the government needs to get smart and quit making them. People will just have to get used to dollar coins and the world will be a better place. And Jennie will be happy.

On another note, dollar bills are DISGUSTING (this is the banker talking). People treat them like junk because they aren't worth that much and so most dollar bills are simply germ piles within weeks of printing. Money is one of the dirtiest things you can have (believe me on this one). Coins are easier to clean than dollar bills are (hence why they last longer).

Plus on the fun side, dollar coins are just cool. I love Canadian currency for this exact reason. The loonies and twoonies are so great and easy to use.

So, we need to get rid of the dollar bill! It's time to wake up and smell the stupidity and go to all dollar coins. And while we are at, I would vote for discontinuing both the penny and nickel, but I can live with those if we just quit printing the money pit that is the dollar bill!

Asian History Carnival

Asian History Carnival #5 is up at World History Blog and one of my posts from the APB is listed.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jennie's War with the BMV

So you will notice that my car has new plates (yes, I finally had to get Ohio plates). My ND plates would expire July 31st so last week I decided I better get moving on this issue. Ohio requires emissions checks in 7 counties, including mine. I knew this from when we registered the Oldsmobile…so I decided the end of last week to go and get the e-check so that if for some reason the car failed I could get it fixed. So I went to the BMV website and surfed around until I found the list of e-check stations and addresses (Ohio BMV really needs to work on the user-friendly function of their website). So I looked at their map, it looked easy and I knew I had seen a few little signs pointing towards one, so I just copied down the general directions and went off. BIG MISTAKE. So I couldn’t find the street they had used…and I went up and down the street like 4 times. So then I decided just to follow the little signs and turned on Fish Creek. But there was no sign on Fish Creek anywhere to turn again (and since I knew the exact address, I knew I had to turn). So I finally give and head back home to use MapQuest. But then I see another little sign in Kent and I remembered from the map that 43 was on there as well, so I decided to take a chance and try that way. And I was rewarded and finally found the right street…and even a sign when I turned around (I missed the street because it is at a strange angle the first time). So I finally found the right street (and I went out the other way and found that the reason I couldn’t find it off Fish Creek is that Graham BECOMES Fairchild (the street I needed) and there really was no sign)). So I finally get there and get in line, pull up and find out that I can’t get an e-check until I have Ohio registration or a title! Which is why I was there in the first place! So I go to the BMV office in Kent to find out what I’m supposed to do…well, it turns out that I have to change my title first (which I can only do in Ravenna), then go do the e-check and THEN I can get plates. What a mess. And the only thing I can do that day is get the vehicle inspection I need for my title change because the Ravenna office is already closed.

So Monday morning I get up and decide to go change the title. Seems simple enough – I drive to Ravenna and go find the Title Office. Not hard…I get in line and hand them my ND title and vehicle inspection to change over and find that I can’t do it unless Ray is actually present since his name is also on the title. So I have to go back and get Ray (and I was lucky that he was home) and go back to Ravenna and then go back and try again. This time they actually do it and we get an Ohio title for the car. So I finally (after two days of effort) have the FIRST step done. So I’m feeling pretty good and decide to go do the e-check. That went smoothly (I knew where it was now!).

So I have one step left – go the BMV office in Kent and get my new plates. So I decide that I might as well do it. So I go get in and line, hand them my e-check pass sheet and my new title. BUT they won’t do it…why this time? Well, because I don’t have my social security card! I don’t carry it anymore…most agencies are getting away from asking for it and with identity theft and whatnot, I just don't carry it (I have it memorized so what's the point?). So I have to go home and come back and then they finally give me my new plates and registration.

So I won…but it took DAYS. It was VERY frustrating and annoying. I really hate Ohio when it comes to bureaucracy. They are also anal about out-of-state anything…drives me BONKERS! I still haven’t gotten any word about my OH teaching license…we’ll see if that goes through…I had to submit fingerprints to two different agencies to make sure I’m not a child molester or anything. I did tell the Kent office what I thought of their website and process and I emailed from the site…so hopefully they’ll get the picture. I still have to change my driver’s license…but that’s next month’s battle.

Ray's dad changed the plates for me

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Figured I should include a picture of myself. I was working on painting the window. Anyway, this one wasn't quite so disgusting.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Well, we are still priming...but we are slowly getting there. We bought appliances yesterday...they will be delivered on the 15th. We have started the process to get new windows on the main floor and to replace part of the main bathroom. The shower was too disgusting to live with, so we are doing that this year.

We are planning on visiting Grand Forks after all this is of now, we will be in town from August 7th to the 15th and hopefully we can see everyone!

Confusing Signs

These signs were in Philadelphia and made Ray go a little crazy! Can you figure out why?


Philadelphia Skyline
Philadelphia Skyline
Kids marching with the reenactors...this was SO cool to watch. That's Thomas Jefferson in the lead.