Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gilmore Girls

Yes, well, I'm back at writing...although still insanely busy. So, I'm always behind TV. We just watched the seaon 4 finale for That 70s Show (which ended this year)....but hey, that's life and me. BUT, I decided to catch up on Gilmore Girls...I was only one season behind and it just ended and I finished the season finale like ten minutes ago...and AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Now I know why I watch behind....sending Logan off to London? And I was just getting attached to the boy (I really disliked him at first....but he's been growing on me and now I love him and Rory together...they are so darned cute together). And Luke and Lorelai? It was going so well...even with the April issue....why did they have to have that fight...and to leave me hanging? She can't go back to Christopher....she loves LUKE. And I know Luke loves her...he's just being dumb....and male....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fun Sites

This is pretty cool - MASH is right up there! Top series finales

This is just technology in an old package! Wooden memory sticks

Here's one to think about: Bloggers are trusted least

Are this people nuts? 50-year mortgages

Can you tell that I'm cleaning out my favorites file?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gas Prices

Okay weird gas story. So this morning Ray was taking me to class and I noticed the gas price at the station across the street from us - 2 sixty something. And then when I was walking home (less than 4 hours later) it was 2 eighty-five. So I'm already somewhat confused - gas prices should not fluctuate that much in that short of time. Next Ray and I go out in the its 2 seventy something. I HATE GAS STATIONS AND PRICE MANIPULATION! UGH!

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm not dead...

although I slightly feel like it. Ugh...this week is annoying already and its only Monday...

Well, summer classes (as a student...I'm already teaching one summer class and another starts next week) officially started today. I'm taking an "intersession" class. What does that mean you ask? Well, it means that you take 3 credit graduate class in two, huh? So I started today...and my midterm is Friday. Yick. But I want to get this done...that's my mantra. My other two summer class are more typical summer class and start on June I get a little break from when this class ends (June 2nd) and the next one begins. And since we close on the house on June 2nd it works out okay. So this class is five days a week, 4 hours a day. With lots of homework, of course. And it starts at 9 AM each day....and that so is not Jennie's preferred schedule.

Also I have a sinus headache...probably just the yo-yoing weather, but annoying nonetheless. Well, I have to go grade participation....and then this week is midterms...even more fun!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Back in the saddle...

Well, I'm back and think I can finally see daylight in the pile of stuff that was waiting for me at home. My finals are graded and my grades recorded for my math class at Lake Region. Now I'm just scanning in the tests before I mail them back to them (because I DO NOT trust the US Mail). I'm caught in grading for my other class (western civ). I've got most of my paperwork I just need to run errands and buy my books for the classes I'm taking this summer...oh, and finish my summer Lake Region shell...nothing right?

I just finished my ND teaching license renewal - YICK. My Ohio licensurate paperwork is almost ready...I didn't realize I needed a copy of my transcript for ND so I have to fax the request to UND again today. Such fun. Then just fingerprints...which I have to find out where I go to get. By see, stuff I can do myself doesn't bug me...its the stuff that other people need to do for me (like letters, signatures, etc) that bug me...I can't control it and it always seems to take FOREVER. But I have all that...hopefully!

I have a ton of pictures from my trip...but I haven't done much more than dump them on my computer in my rush to do other stuff that took priotry. Hopefully Sunday...because we are spending this weekend in MI with Ray's parents. A late mother's day visit since I was in ID for Mother's Day.

Well, I just finished lunch so off I go to do errands...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Post from the road....

Well, I'm in Idaho right now - actually typing on a UI computer that Billy signed me into. He's taking a labor law test - sounds fun, huh? We got here last night and Mom, Dad, and Auntie Sue fly into Spokane tonight. Grandma and I are going to drive up and get them - Billy has to study. I think that's just an excuse...:)

We were really lucky, weather wise and had a fast and easy trip across the US. We hit a little bit of hail in Montana, but not bad at all. There was a lot of wind across North Dakota and Montana both, but we just kept trucking. Although it did wreck havoc with our gas mileage.

We zipped through Grand Forks - but miraclously I actually got all my paperwork I needed so I can apply for my OH license and renew my ND license. Such fun. We got there midafternoon and decided to kept moving rather than stay. Since Ray and I are coming back in August, it seemed like a reasonable request - my grandparents were worried we'd be late into Idaho and not get there in time to pick up my parents. But we made good time across ND and MT - although had we procrastinated we probably wouldn't have, such is the world, I guess.

Once I get back to OH, I will post pictures...right now, I'm just checking in on the computer. I have a wireless Internet card and, becasue of my job and all, that's how I planned to work each night when we checked in for the night. But I could get a signal - the computer was saying it had Internet, but the browser wouldn't work. So I had to find ethernet connections...which isn't as easy as it sounds because everyone is wireless now (Billy says wireless is like magic and very unreliable...and I guess he's the expert now). So when we got here, I made Billy fix it...we had to buy a new wireless card, I guess mine (at like a 1 year old) was too Now it works, though, which is such a relief. And, of course, because I wasn't home, I had students have various crises...again, just the way of the world, I guess. But I think everything is fixed and better now...hopefully anyway!

Well, that's about all for now...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New House (Freedom Street Ravenna, OH)

We made it through the home inspection! No problems...just termite inspection left. So hopefully this one will go I decided it was picture time. Its a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom with a finished basement. Its very cute.

House from across the street

House again...a little closer up

Back of can see the cement patio.

Back yard

Garage - its 1 car

Upstairs bedroom

2nd upstairs bedroom

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom as well - its a long narrow room

Living room

Dining Room
Downstairs kitchen

Downstairs...there is also a second bathroom down here

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back to that plane crash....

Here is updated info on that airplane crash on the flats:

NTSB prelim reports for Cessna 170 and Cessna 172
Full accident reports as of now: Cessna 170 and Cessna 172

ADN follow up

Breast Cancer Site

Go click this month and support free mammograms for needy women at the Breast Cancer Site. All clicks are doubled in the month of May. There are also linked sites there for other causes, like literacy and animal rescue. I usually click them all.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spring is here...

Well, it's amazingly warm here...I would call it summer, but I think they call it spring. Anyway, here are pictures of our flowers, trees, can see the lilacs are already out and smell really good! Out front of our apartment building...lilacs and other flowering trees

Tree getting leaves as you can see - that's across the street from us.
Dandelions...the tulips are also up, but for some reason I can't find my picture of that...

Jennie and smelling the tree - this is right outside our apartment

Grandma with the tree

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

They are almost back again so I thought I'd better get the first batch of pictures up before that! I'm so slow...

Ray and Grandpa fixing a broken taillight on GG's suburban

The guys doing what they do best...sleeping!

Grandma and Grandpa...Mom sent the Frontiersman for Grandpa to read once he got here...he's happy! Gotta know that local gossip.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

First Home

This is an article about buying your first home...considering what we all seem to be doing it seemed the thing to share...I knew most of it, but its nice to hear you aren't being stupid.

Oh and news - our offer was accepted on the new house!! The home inspection is scheduled for Saturday so wish us luck that this won't be a doozy like the last one! I'm so trying not to get excited so no pictures until AFTER the home inspection.

My review of a new history channel program

“10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America”

I actually watched this entire series (quite proud of myself for making it through all of them without forgetting them. Anyway, here’s my opinion of the episodes for anyone who cares. Finally the History Channel had on something besides Hitler and his dogs and women.

Massacre at Mystic
This was fairly well done. While I sometimes get annoyed with people are act like they are Native American when really they are like 1/100….which almost anyone can claim…overall, most of the people were genuine though in this episode and it wasn’t too bad.

Shays’ Rebellion
This was terrible…the filmmaker should be banned from ever doing a history channel documentary again. It was done like a cartoon and could only be amusing (maybe) to a 5 year old. Very bad. Maybe he should do Pokemon...that's so bad that it can't be ruined any further...or Johnny Bravo...or South Park...or any other horrible cartoon series and help kill and bury them.

Gold Rush
This wasn’t bad…wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad. I’m not sure I agree that this belonged as one of the “10 Days,” but that’s their problem.

This was one of the good ones. It had some great moments and the filmmaker did a good job.

The Homestead Strike
This was also a really great one – nothing special, but a solid documentary.

Murder at the Fair
I liked this one as well, although this one woman (Sarah Vowell or something) was TERRIBLE. The woman is certifiably insane. She thought McKinley assassin was so alienated, even by anarchists that he was driven to it…she was all like sympathetic with the guy. She is just a nut and very annoying.

This one was okay, again nothing special, but decent. I thought the entire think about how Dayton planned it so they’d get the trial was rather funny.

Einstein’s Letter
This was the best one – it was really good. I loved way they followed Einstein through the war and why he did what he did and how he got to writing the letters he did.

When America was rocked
This one was pretty good as well. It was a lot of fun as well.

Freedom Summer
This one was very enlightening and well done as well although pretty depressing.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Grand Forks

I will be in Grand Forks very quickly next week. I'm driving to Idaho for my brother's graduation with my grandparents are we are detouring through ND so I can get signatures to get my teaching license renewed. I will probably only be around for dinner, but if anyone can meet me, that would be great!

Other news:
  • Still waiting on the house
  • Just started teaching my first course for Southern New Hampshire. I actually have two students in Duabi, UAE...pretty cool, huh?
  • Rachael Ray made the most disgusting sauce had grapefruit in it...and she put it over fish...just strange
  • I made cabbage salad was pretty decent overall...I've been working on expanding my "green" choices.
  • I got a DVD on Pompeii from the was made by the BBC and I thought it might be a good documentary for was TERRIBLE. Very fakey and icky.