Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ray has promised to take me to Applebees for dessert tonight - I want chocolate before tomorrow. Lent starts tomorrow and that means no chocolate for me and no pop for Ray. I have to go to Mass tomorrow at noon and then drop off some books for donation at two libraries - its a project for I'm working on for Portage County Right to Life. Life has been so crazy that Lent really snuck up on me this year. What with Ray's mom, classes, and whatnot it seems February just disappeared.

I have to take the Praxis II this Saturday - I'm so not looking forward to that. I can't believe Ohio is making me more tests to get my North Dakota license switched over. I've already taken one and have two more to go...not fun at all. I really think there should be a national teaching license - think of all the paperwork it would save! Plus in a way I think it would help the education initiatives that are always coming up. I mean its not like I don't have a four year degree, teaching experience, student teaching, etc....so my license should be just as good as someone who graduated in Ohio! I wouldn't mind have to take more tests at the beginning to get a national license and be done with it! Right now I'm just trying to remember all those educational theories we learned so I can pass the multiple guess PLT (principles of teaching and learning) test. Ugh! The math one was darned hard - but I'm done and passed. There is also the social studies one that I have to take - hopefully I will do well. This reminds me of studying for the AP exams...and I hated that.

Oh, well, Ray should be home soon and then its back to studying!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Busy Week

I think this is going to be a nutty week. Since we were gone all weekend it seems like everything has been pushed back and so I feel very behind! Ray is still setting up our new computers and so he's running behind as well. I just finished typing up the last of our taxes - once I mail that tomorrow we will be completely done! We e-filed our federal return and Ohio state taxes, but I had to type up North Dakota's.

We particpated in a bone marrow drive today. We are now officially in the bone marrow registry. One of the students from the Kent aeronautics department has leukemia and so everyone has been encouraged to register. I don't take instructions very well - I gave the poor nurse who was taking blood samples problems! And then Ray started trying to help, which made it worse!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


We are in Michigan for the weekend. Ray's mother has pneumonia and so we came to see her. Ray's friend Adam is moving to California for a temporary job (a year or two) so we also came to say good-bye to him.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Silver Again

picture from: www.nbcolympics.com

Well, Sasha ended up second after two falls in the long program. The gold went to Shizuka Arakawa of Japan. Irina Slutskaya, the favorite, ended up third after she also fell in the free skate. While Arakawa doubled a jump, she managed to stay on her feet, thus securing Japan's first ever gold medal in figure skating and their first medal at all in this Olympics. The other two Americans were sixth and seventh.

Sasha's program was gorgeous - as Peggy Fleming said, Sasha was Juliet. She just had some jump problems in the very beginning. But she rebounded wonderfully and managed to stay in 2nd place. Its just too bad that she couldn't break her pattern of ending up second. She sooo good...just not consistent in her jumps.

Well, its been a great Olympics - one more night of skating to go - exhibitions tomorrow night. Those should be a blast.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More on Ladies

I forgot to look last night, but the skater for Turkey did advance to the finals. She's in 22nd place - but hey, when you are from a country that never has skaters that's pretty good! Her goal was to get to skate her long program and she did it!

Now this got me thinking. You never see skaters from Muslim countries...like Saudi Arabia. Because what if a Saudi woman did skate - she certainly couldn't perform in typical skater outfits. And pairs and ice dancers would have to be family or married to be able to talk to each other, let alone touch each other. I think it would definitely be an interesting sight to see someone perform in the Muslim veil and robes....

Ladies Skating

Ladies started tonight and was wonderful! The Americans skated clean short programs and Sasha is in the lead! Yah Sasha! There were lots of good skaters - I really liked the little one from Georgia (the country, not the state). But it was a really great night. Now we just need a great long program as well!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ice Dancing

Okay, I should be doing something productive, but the ice dancing competition actually made me excited...and Ray's in bed, so this is my only place to talk.

The Americans (Belbin and Agosto) got silver! Way to go! The first ice dancing medal in 30 years for the US - and they were actually interesting to watch - which I almost never feel! I even liked the Russians...so I'm happy. It was a fun night. I didn't watch Sunday - didn't care that much, but now I wish I did...falls galore...the drama of the Italian team and her temper tantrum...such fun and I missed it! I did get on www.nbcolympics.com and watched and the "falls gallery" - that was cool. I also really liked the Bulgarians - thought they had a really interesting and fun program.

And Dick Button really needs to shut his trap...he obviously has no clue about ice dancing, but insists on talking and being rude most of the time! Ugh!! That man needs to retire...

Well, I'm done yakking...off to do some "real" work.

Officially a student again...

Well, I registered for classes at Kent State today...so I'm officially a student again. I was just getting used to assigning homework rather than having to do it! But I want this degree done! I'm not pregnant yet, so maybe that's God's way of telling me to get going on this degree and finish it first! I signed up for 10 credits (which will be plenty since it is summer...and summer classes always stink) - and am working on transfer credit paperwork so hopefully I'll get 6 credits out of that (they will only take 6...even though I have 9 library credits)...and with this semester it will mean only 20 left...yes I have a countdown started already - I want done! I know I'll end up with a Ph.D eventually, but not yet...I need a good long break!

Ray will hopefully start work on his Ph.D in the fall. We both get tuition waivers since he works for KSU, which is really awesome. Definitely is a nice "bonus" to his salary.

Well, I need to go correct homework assignments so I can watch the ice dancing finals tonight...really only watching it because its Olympics and not that I really give a flying leap about ice dance...do a graph of think of me!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Well, thanks to my husband I'm sick. Why did he have to share that? I'm hoping it won't last that long!

Big news here - we ordered two new computers yesterday (tax refund...)! Yah! We really needed them - what with all the problems we have been having, we are down to one - which for us is next to impossible. Ray doesn't share computers!

I can remember not ever using the Internet or email...but I can't imagine how I lived. My computer and DSL are my life line...I think I might actually die without them. Plus I'd lose my job! So that makes them pretty important. I just don't get how they got so important so fast! It seems like just yesterday my parents got that first computer...running only in MS-DOS! What a difference now...

Well, I'm going to try to get some sleep and hopefully feel better.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Olympics

While I don't watch a lot of sports, I love the Olympics. Especially figure skating! I admit I follow that when I remember, but the Olympics I have to watch every second of. Probably why all the althetes get Olympic nerves!

The pairs competition was awe-inspiring - the Chinese pair (Zhang and Zhang) where she skated through her injury. That is true Olympic spirit (and quite possibly fear of being beaten and starved to death if she didn't...ok, so that was stereotypical, but probably true anyway)!

The men's were a disappointment. Plushenko won, as we all expected, but it wasn't a good program at all (as Dick Button said, and I unfortunately have to agree - there wasn't a program - it was just moves in a row). Plushenko, though, won by almost 30 points! The best of the night were Buttle (Canada), Savoie and Lysacek, of whom only Buttle got a medal. Evan Lysacek was simply amazing! And Buttle was just so much fun to watch! Johnny Weir was very lack-luster - he just didn't seem all there on the ice - not the time to do that!

Well, time to look forward to the ladies - come on Sasha - two good programs! You can do it!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My First Rambles....

Ah, the freedom of cyberspace...to type and type and say whatever comes to mind. Unfortunately if I did that, no one would read this!