Friday, December 19, 2014

"Un"Affordable Healthcare Act

So let's start out by the fact I have NEVER like "Obamacare."  Now here's the thing (and I think this may shock many of you given my super conservative leanings, but honestly the only reason I vote Republican is that I refuse to vote for anyone who supports infanticide (yes, you  may call it abortion, I call a spade a spade)...I really detest both parties pretty much equally) - I actually believe in socialized healthcare.  I would be perfectly happy if the government socialized the entire thing, much like Canada.  Where you pay for all healthcare in your taxes, but a trip to the doctor's is always free for everyone!  I totally believe the issue with the old system was the HMOs, who I agree are evil.  So I am fine with socializing healthcare...but if you are going to do it, just do it...the halfway house stuff is crap!  So here's our personal story of how the mess that "Obamacare" is has completely screwed us and why I believe we should either scrap the entire thing and go back to the way it was OR completely socialize healthcare. 

First, when Ray got his new job, we got new insurance.  Okay, whatever (and I can't say this is just UAA....Kent will be changing to similar system within a year or so).  Well, turns out, thanks to the moronic "Obamacare" (and if the people who put it in place won't use it, that should tell you something!), we no longer have co-pays, but rather super high deductibles that we will probably never hit.  So we are now paying MUCH more in healthcare when we go the doctors, yet we are ALSO paying MORE for that healthcare plus our employers are as well!  Tell me how that helps me?  It does not! In fact, it costs me three times!  In my paycheck, in my taxes and then when I go to the doctor's!  All three are now higher....yep, that helps me out!  Honestly, Ray and I will never go to the doctor's now unless we are literally POSITIVE we can something treatable (or think we are dying) because I am not going to pay $200 to be told "it is a virus, we can't help you."  And yes, last time Ray went (he went because he thought he had the flu and UAA was pretty much insisting), it was $200! When I took Andrew, same thing!  (Andrew did get antibiotics, though, so that was worth it...Ray did not). 

Next, I recently heard from my employers that while I am part time, I now qualify under the "affordable healthcare act" (what a joke!) for employer sponsored healthcare because of the number of credits I teach.  So we look over the letter...well, we can't afford our share of this (and it isn't like LRSC wouldn't have been paying a ton as well so don't think I, in any way, blame them)!  We would have been interested in double insurance (and yes, I have insurance, so no, I am not in danger of being penalized or anything and certainly not breaking the "law"), but it is too expensive!  So yet, again,  proof that this "affordable" healthcare is really "unaffordable" given we just turned down have a secondary insurance coverage because it we can't afford the premiums! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Riding snowmachines

The boys are riding snowmachines! They are getting good!  Adam is a careful driver, Andrew just jumps on the gas (singing the whole way)!

Letters from Santa

We got letters back from Santa!


Adam's Advent Wreath from "Church School"

Playing King of Tokyo - he LOVES this game!

Setting up a train track!

Andrew's Schoolwork


Velveteen Rabbit

I took Adam to see the Velveteen Rabbit at Valley Performing Arts.  He LOVED it and was SO good.  We'll definitely be doing another one! 
We went to dinner first - tacos and French fries...Adam's two favorite foods in the world!

Look who was in the lobby!

Waiting for the play to start

Hanging with Grandma who also watched it!

Christmas Decorations

Got the decorations up!
Advent wreaths from Uncle Billy and Aunt Erika - the boys LOVE them

I like how I did the stockings!
Adam did their bedrooms and playroom himself!

This year's ornaments

I did get the boys' annual ornaments done.  Again, I just felt behind!
Some of Andrew's

Some of Adam's

Adam's table decorations

Christmas Cards

I got Christmas cards in the mail over the weekend....everything else got in the mail yesterday.  Ugh, so glad to have it done. I feel SO behind this year!  I did get a few handmade cards done, but most were photo cards. 
This is one of my favorites - I really like the addition of the eye. :)

Mom making hers

Me working on mine

Adam's Hockey Pictures

A handsome hockey player!

Rachael Ray's Book of Burger

So I have RR's Book of Burger, but I think it is leaving my collection. While I have found a couple of excellent recipes from it, I have been disappointed by many of them because I am just not willing to make complicated sauces to go with each burger. The burgers themselves are disappointing "simple," and then the "sauce" is what makes it the "type" of burger it is. I find that to be...well, cheating!  To me, burger night means I don't really have to cook, Ray is grilling...thus, I don't want to have to do a bunch of extra cooking along with it.  Take tonight...we tried Florentine Burgers.  I just did the burger and actually put the Parmesan in the burgers...they were okay, but not great and I am just not willing to bother with the sauce because I think the burger should be good enough without it. Maybe I am crazy, but that's the way I feel.  I think I need some new burger recipes, not from RR.  I still like many of her recipes, but I am overall not happy with this particular incarnation.  While she might see herself as a "burger girl," I think her burgers just aren't that good....because they MUST have the sauces and I don't personally want that.  Oh, well....

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gifts in a Jar 2014

This year's Gifts in a jar are done...thanks to my helpers! Adam was quite diligent about helping with EVERY step. What a big help!

Even Daddy helped...given they are for HIS work! :)


Our new cat, Sadie. She's just starting to explore the house and seeming to finally get used to us (at least Ray and I...the boys are a process!).

First Snow

As the rain and ice that cancelled school today (I do NOT want a repeat of last year, please!) has almost gotten rid of our snow, I thought I'd better post some pictures from a week or so ago!

Our road

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Adam's Work

I put up some new school and church work from Adam.

Dental Part Infinity

So remember how I had the never ending dental issues a couple years ago? Well, we fired that dentist and found a new one in Ohio...but then we moved, so we missed a check up and finally got situated with a  new one here.  Turns out everything the old dentist did (the one we fired), was not done well and I have to redo much of it. So I was at the dentist today for almost three hours while they removed the bridge that it look the other people like a year to put start over again. I am NOT happy.  If I believed in lawsuits, I would be suing my old dentist right now. Since I don't, I am hoping they have to be operated on by each other. 

Andrew's Schoolwork

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Skating on the Pond

Skating and playing hockey on Grandpa's pond.  Uncle Billy had to come plow it!

Christmas Concert

Adam's Christmas concert - this is actually his first one because his school didn't do one last year (he was in a kindergarten only school).

Adam's Feast

Some videos from Adam's Thanksgiving feast:
  1. Pilgrim song
  2. Pilgrim poem

Finally some snow

Shovelling snow...we finally got some, but then it warmed up a bunch. Not so happy about that.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Scrapping Area

Scrapping area at my mom's! I put all my stuff here so that we can share and she had extra room.


Been gaming in our basement!
Fleet Captains with my brother and sister in law

Learning Robotech with Adam

Biking in the Garage

A perk of a big garage - biking all year!

Movie Night

Watching "How to Train a Dragon 2" at Machetanz and eating pizza!


Andrew's class and their Thanksgiving song.

Adam's puzzle

Adam has moved up to 100 piece puzzles!

Learn to Skate

Hockey and skating lessons are good knitting time for Mom!


Food Drive

Machetanz Food Drive - they even made the local paper!

New Playground Equipment

New Playground equipment that the boys raised money for with the last fundraiser.

Medieval libraries

This is a cool article about how medieval libraries kept track of books!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Skating Lessons

We put Andrew in skating lessons. He is loving it and can't wait to play hockey with big brother! He's gotten so much better in just a short time!