Monday, October 13, 2014


So I'm sitting here doing my grading (well, when I'm not ranting here....).  What I REALLY want to be doing (it is KILLING me) is finishing setting up my house. But I'm grading because that what must get done today and it takes priority.  This got me to thinking about how many of my students cannot seem to do this.  Everything else takes priority over their schoolwork, which gets put off until the last minute, so emergencies really screw them over.  I get that taking your kid to the ER is a priority (in fact, I'd tell you that you SHOULD do that first or I'm calling the cops to do it FOR you).  But when this happens Sunday night and you put off ALL your homework until then...that's when you set yourself up for disaster.  Yet most of my students live this way. They don't think ahead and so any unplanned situation throws them way off.  And then they have no way to catch up because they won't prioritize the catching up time.  So many times I see it...a student falls behind because of an unplanned (or badly planned....) issues where they miss some work (and again they usually were barely on top of things to start with) and then can't ever seem to catch up because it would involve doing double work one week and they won't or can't. 

I am finishing a major move (we started packing in July). Balancing work with this has been a major issue. For instance, the reason we didn't move into the house until Friday was that we didn't have internet and I needed it.  So we stayed with my parents an extra week.  I consistently made choices to HELP keep on top of work. Was I perfect? God, no!  But I was really WORKING to make sure that this move, which was planned, interfered as little as possible with my work obligations. Yet, my students can't do this. They will KNOW they are moving, yet they won't make choices to get their work done. Then they fall behind.  And again here is where you have prioritizing to catch up...and again they won't or can't. 

I just realized this morning how hard I've worked to make this move happen and NOT fall behind in work.  Mostly it worked. It was a pain in the tush, totally, but I made it, mostly sane.  Yet, my students just can't do this.  Either they aren't prioritizing school above other things (and then why are you paying good money for it is what I want to ask them....) or they can't manage basic planning skills.  Now I've had help, no doubt about it, my husband and family help make this happen. But honestly if you are going to go to school and do have a family, they need to be on board  or it probably won't happen.  For instance, my husband's Ph.D. Yes, he is doing the work, but I have to help him so he can prioritize the work he needs to do, when it needs to be done. 

While I sympathize with my students certainly, I also just get fed up when they want consideration for things I deal with all the time...and still have my part done on time.  Yes, I get paid for it....but like anything, we all make choices.  Many students just aren't making good ones, yet they feel they are "owed" a passing grade. Um, no. 

Desk in New House

I've got my new desk and workstation set up in the new house. This is actually a desk  my grandmother had, from her mother. It is a library table.  It needs some loving, but is a great desk!

Friday, October 03, 2014

New House!

We got the keys on Tuesday!  This is our new house!  Hopefully, pictures will be coming soon!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Driving the Backhoe


Auntie Erika helped me learn to cut the boys' hair

First Day of Preschool

Andrew's first day of preschool

Adam doing Homework

Doing his homework

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Moose Biscuits

I usually make "fish biscuits" out my zucchini cookies, but my fish cookie cutter is packed so Mom had a moose cookie cutter so this is what my kids came home from school to!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Day of School

Adam's first day of 1st grade was Thursday. I can't believe how early we started this year! I was totally shocked by it as I really thought I'd have more time to decide where to send him, based on where we bought a house (which we haven't yet).  So I just guessed and he's at Machetanz.  Hopefully, I won't be moving him halfway through the year, but if I do, I do!


As you can see from the pictures, we got here almost two weeks ago. We are still house hunting and settling in, but Ray started his new job on Monday and Adam started first grade on Thursday (it started that early, crazy huh?).  So we've been nuts, but I'll update if we find a house!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hanging Out

Adam and Grandma

Andrew loving up on Halley girl

Grandma and Andrew

Daddy and Adam rowing

Daddy and Andrew rowing

washing the car!

Unpacking UHaul


All our stuff piled in my parents' basement

Temporary apartment in the basement until we get housing sorted out

Road Trip

Dad driving the UHaul

We made a UND pit stop!

Lake Region as well!

1400 miles to next turn...I guess we have a ways to go....

Laird Hot Springs break

Packing Up

Hauling out boxes

Our loading crew...we had lots of good help!

The boys spent the last night on the air mattress!

Just a little trash...we donated what we could, took what we just seems moving makes trash....the desks (as expected) got picked up by someone as did most of the furniture we put on the curb

Doing work...nowhere else to sit!

Yard Sale

We did a major yard sale - most kids stuff and furniture before we left. We moved quite a lot of stuff! We ended up with two car loads to Goodwill and one to Catholic Charities (kids' stuff)

Grandpa helping out....

The yard sale queens!

So we got the baby stuff out to sell....they had to drive of course...just a little big, aren't they?

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Its Official!

The move is official - we have Alaska plates!